STRANDED!!! Lake Mead’s Water Dropped Too Fast!!!

STRANDED!!! Lake Mead’s Water Dropped Too Fast!!!

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23 Responses

  1. HeavyDSparks says:

    Does anyone have contact info for the fella with the beached houseboat?

  2. James Holtzman says:

    I appreciate you guys for documenting the lake issue, I first went to Hoover dam in 1993 and again in 2002, In 1993 I could have jumped in and hit water quickly from the dam, by 2002 it was shocking how much its level dropped. To see your videos its heartbreaking. I wish you guys and the entire South West luck and hopefully a solution can be found.

    • steven sherrier says:

      I went to the Hoover dam and lake mead In 1994. All I remember is this huge beautiful water color with koi coming right up the dock for popcorn and wave runners out there flying it looked so nice I always wanted to go back.

  3. Joe Skeptical says:

    *At the end when the dam is shown. Small correction: the towers are ventilation ports, not intakes. Water induction is separate. For anyone interested in the design of the powerhouses, penstocks, induction tubes and tailraces, the information is available. The effect however, is CORRECT; when the water level drops too low, there is insufficient “head” or drop and runner disks inside the scroll cases will not turn properly under load.*

  4. Haulin' Camp says:

    Craig is my wifes uncle. I have seen some of your videos and was actually going to reach out to you to see if you had any contacts to help him. My father-in-law called tonight to say you did a video with him. Glad you could help, the Youtube community can really pull together sometimes. You guys are awesome!!

  5. K D says:

    Colorado outdoorsman with 2 great son’s and I really enjoy the family interaction and the mutual respect between you both. Well done Dad and great job becoming a fine young man JR! Interesting how the outdoors can create such a healthy life and keep generations strong.

  6. Snow 636 says:

    You and your son seem like good hearted people. We need more people like that in the world. Much respect to you guys, thanks for all the updates.

    • See Truth says:

      A true gift for Humanity.
      It’s a real shame that common courtesy isn’t Common.
      This man knew what he was doing raising a child. Generational Blessings 😊. Family tradition.

  7. William Scoggin says:

    When you go down and check by the dam, you have to remember that the turbines are designed to run at a certain speed. There must be adequate pressure coming in to reach this minimum RPM speed. If the water doesn’t have enough pressure coming in the turbines will turn lower than they are designed for and this causes cavitation which is small air bubbles forming in the water dancing off the impeller blades. If this happens it erodes these huge turbine blades and their finish and material is slowly worn off from vibration and it will destroy the turbine. So even though they will still turn it will tear them up by running them at a slower speed.

  8. Apartment Maintenance says:

    Thanks for the updates on the lake & everything you guys do. I’m not much into fishing but you gained a subscriber from me. You seem like a cool dude & from one father to another your teaching your son the right way to go about life & we need more of that in this world. Kudos to you sir! Much success in your journeys. 👍

    • See Truth says:

      Happy Father’s Day.
      I hope you taught your children to grow up with manners and respect for other. A true gift for society.

  9. Ben Green Insurance Agency says:

    “If you think pulling them out of the water is bad for em’, we could throw em’ on hot grease!” Awesome to witness your success guys! Hope to see you the year after next at the US Open!

  10. russell zauner says:

    According to a 2016 estimate, about 6% of Lake Mead’s water evaporates annually. Covering 6 percent of Lake Mead with floating photovoltaics has a potential generating capacity of 3,400 megawatts, which is comparable to the capacity of Hoover Dam, and would also reduce water lost to evaporation in the covered area by as much as 90%.[46]

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