Strange man opens a lot of boxes – Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Strange man opens a lot of boxes – Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

In this episode We unbox a few packages. We got a lot more waiting in the queue. I’ll try to get to them ASAP! Thanks for all the love, support, and generally good vibes. Peace love and apple sauce.



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20 Responses

  1. Big Dank says:


  2. PSIKIRBY says:

    How is idubbbz not dead from the glue

  3. Suicidal Youtuber says:

    I think he’s going insane…

  4. Ethan Bradberry says:

    Okay buddy. I understand that you’re just trying to get a chuckle out of your audience, and I can respect that. Chicks dig a guy that can make ’em laugh (I would know.). But with this video you’ve crossed the line. Make no mistake, I have nothing but respect for you,Ian boy. I’ve been subscribed to your channel since 2011′. I’ve studied your videos. I’ve studied your tastes. I’ve studied your life. I know everything about you.
    Which is why you shouldn’t brush me off when I say to knock it off. Roblox is my favorite game. I was there from the start. I know everyone, and I could probably recreate every game from scratch; not to say that it would be anywhere near as good as the original masterpieces. Nothing could ever be. Roblox runs in my blood, Ian. So when I see some knuckleheaded punk like yourself dissin’ my game, I get a little riled up. And when you call me a “manchild” for having good taste? Oh boy. Game. Over.
    I know you, Ian. Everything. Don’t think I can’t exact due punishment on you. I could.
    But I’m not a violent man. Quite the contrary; those who know me see me as intellectual type, and they’re right. But my high IQ doesn’t prevent me from destroying those who stand in my way. I like you, Ian. Always have. You simply made a little mistake. You crossed the line. You know what? I let it slide this time. I’ll let you off with a warning. You can keep on opening boxes, and I’ll go on playing the revolutionary game Roblox.
    Here’s the catch, though. You have to release a public apology, a retraction of the UNTRUE, HARMFUL statements in this video. Don’t think I won’t know if you don’t. I will. Don’t think you won’t feel the pain if you don’t do what I say, Ian.

  5. gumichann says:

    this is my first time watching him and,,, im rlly scared did he really dr ink tht gl u e

  6. Squidward says:

    Coyote as in the animal or Mexican guy that smuggles people over the border

  7. Im Bleach says:

    idubbz: I dont really like sticky things
    Me:yeah same
    Idubbz:*Puts glue everywhere and rests his arm in the glue*
    Me:smart child

  8. Inferno _777 says:

    Rob blox

  9. Armoured Septic says:

    Won’t drink coyote urine? Wow what a fucking pussy, I can’t believe I used to watch this cancer.

    Won’t create a replica of you own dick and then fuck your ass with it, what are you a faggot?

  10. Cole Soderstrom says:

    Did he legit just drink glue. Like I’m actually curious I can’t tell if it was fake or not.

  11. Lawrence Lentini says:

    Legend has it that iDubbbz is used by certain institutions to treat the criminally insane.

  12. Adolf Hitler says:

    25 likes and ill fuck a jew.

  13. Paul Pothier says:

    hey asshole. Ya know starving african kids coulda ate that pulpury and a small Indian child coulda sniffed that glue. Way to be racist too unlike me who loves all spicks, Wops, Jews, Crackers, And afro Americans

  14. Bunneah says:

    Roses are red, violets are bigger, look at the camera and say…….

  15. Che McCumskey says:

    What was the African song called I wanna sample it

  16. FunkyDemonCat says:

    dude the glue that I sent you had semen in it, that was the joke..

  17. Apl Tree says:

    “Don’t send me anything sticky” ….. *eats glue*

  18. Me says:

    LOL guys, so just search for this YouTube video: *Carter Dolan Life Hack*

    and thank me later on

  19. Me says:

    LOL guys, so just search for this YouTube video: *Carter Dolan Life Hack*

    before he makes it private only

  20. Sarvadaman Sarna says:

    Don’t miss out on F R E E G I F T C A R D S

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