Strange New Year’s Resolutions (GAME)

Strange New Year’s Resolutions (GAME)

Which of our team members has resolved to eat MORE cake this year? We’re going through some of their strange New Year’s resolutions.  GMMore #1456

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68 Responses

  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Strange but I’ve seen *stranger things*

  2. Iconic says:

    I already failed my new year resolution, anyone else?

  3. Kim Jong-un says:

    My resolution is to reunify Korea under glorious juche

  4. Guardian Grok says:

    Just forget those resolutions you
    know that you are never gonna do
    and adopt a more realistical view
    by committing to things that come easily to you
    Like eat at least one value meal a week
    or put the correct shoes on the correct feet
    Just raise the bar to walk effortlessly underneath.

  5. Gabe Shakour says:

    “Scrootch” = Scrunch + Scoot

    • Ben Anasarias says:

      verb, circa Jan. 2019,
      (1) to move to one side and reduce space occupied, often to benefit someone who needs to be in frame for a Youtube video
      Believed to be the combination of “scrunch” and “scoot,” and coined by Link Neal in episode 1465 of Good Mythical MORE, a supplementary channel for Good Mythical Morning, in which Mr. Neal is part of a duo.

    • Eva Sakura says:

      +Ben Anasarias and Gabe Shakour = I Love your comments !!! Great job.

  6. PeradonCentury says:


  7. Faylena _ says:

    Oh wow where did Jared come from

  8. Paige Yarker says:

    “I have ADHD so it could be me” mood girl, mood

  9. Ayaloid 96 says:

    Dang, that Jared dude is cute ammarite

  10. LordFransify says:

    I want a video of Jared and Christine drivin around LA eating cakes

  11. its noon says:

    1:11 “I’m from… south?”

  12. jonathan rodriguez says:

    Scootch- the distance a dog can drag it’s butt across the floor


    Jared reminds me a bit of Zac from CollegeHumor

  14. Black Sheep says:

    *Oh, it’s young JIM CARREY again.*

  15. Black Sheep says:

    Jared the Time Travelling young Jim Carrey is here again.
    Also he’s the crop circle guy.

    _dun dun dun_

  16. Pigeon Morris says:

    who else misses the wheel landings where rhett and link have to act/sing or basically make up something on the spot? 🙁

    Edit: alright, just to be more precise, i mean more than a handful. Compared to before when it was almost always landing on such a slot.

  17. Holly Shively says:

    Jared is adorable ☺️

  18. Marloes R says:

    finding the best cake in la might be a good video?!

  19. Louisa Lewis says:

    I had stop making resolutions every New Year’s a long time ago. That way I avoid disappointment in failing to meet unrealistic goals.

  20. Jessica Ross says:

    Second day in an Link is making up is own word. ‘Srcooch on up’?.
    Great to find what the crew are desiring for the new year. We should have a catch up episode!!ouic

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