Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm

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46 Responses

  1. JTBird 123 says:

    Jaiden: exists
    Also Jaiden: I’m about to do what they call a pro gamer move

  2. Catte Official says:

    Skateboard game:
    “I liked killing the kids in that skateboard game”
    Spongebob game:
    “Oh no did I kill that kid?!?”

  3. Lauren says:

    I had the nicktoons plug and play and OMG YES THE ROCKET ONES WAS LITTT??

  4. GogoPowerJuice says:

    3:51 This big guy wouldn’t hurt a fly
    then we have 5:36

  5. Nugget Appelget says:

    2:59 Top ten sexiest pokemon? what have you been watching Jaiden?

  6. Wxave says:

    play spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated when it comes out

  7. CrazyChan 2005 says:

    don’t worry it’s being remastered ( i mean the spongebob game )!!!! 1st Game you talked about!


  8. montserrat Gonzalez says:

    My father: Kids can *ONLY* live whit their phones and gadgets

    Also my father: *Sitting on the sofa watching netflix*

  9. Natalie Studebaker says:

    “That’s terrifying and I want it to be real” my favorite quote

  10. Giana Gomez says:

    Watching this made me also go on a memory lane on my childhood games and they were gameboy advance, nintendo ds, and PSP

  11. The UnknownJoe says:

    Jaiden: “It’s pretty impressive how gamer I am.”

    Connect 4: “I’m about to end this whole girl’s career.”

  12. Kingkong Kingkong says:

    That Spongebob one it’s a LOT better on GameCube trust me I’ve played it ?

  13. MrDavad says:

    When Jaiden runs over kids as a kid. And I thought she was a nice child.

  14. Rimjhim Ghosh says:

    Me:*goes to party does those moves then gets shunned by everyone in that room

  15. UnidentifiedFlying Logic says:

    There is a remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom game for the original xbox one which is a 3d platformer.

  16. Grumpy520 says:

    Should you do this?
    I dont care
    – Jaiden, July 2019

  17. Zayna Ali says:

    7 year old Jaiden: *knocks over every skater and murders them*
    Me: honestly, shes better than kids nowadays
    *cough cough* LiL tAy *cough cough*

  18. SonicHaXD says:

    2:59 Jaiden would you like to explain why Youtube is recommending those to you XD

  19. Sofia Garcia says:

    My childhood was robbed

    All I had was a wii and like.. wii sports. Yay. I did play a lot of mobile games and LEGO Star Wars the Complete Saga but like.. no Pokémon, Nintendo, none of that ;-;

  20. Adrián Mauricio Román González says:

    You should replay Spongebob battle for bikini bottom but in Gamecube or Xbox version is a great plataformer Banjo Kazooie type, with funny dialogues and good level design

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