Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about his favorite basketball sneakers, being a Warriors fan before Kevin Durant, and how he has the best sneakers among his castmates.

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92 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Do sneaker shopping with Zendaya

  2. Ric Tony says:

    I like how he knows what he’s talking about.

  3. Chris Skywalker says:

    Intelligent young lad. keep doing ya thang complex. need to see more not so popular people go sneaker shopping and give their views, opinions and to see how much they know about the sneaker culture.

    • BNKS AUDIO GROUP says:


    • Melosivitch24 says:

      Chris Skywalker he’s pretty damn popular lmao… stranger things and has won a ton of awards

    • Nightly DeadShot says:

      Melosivitch24 I mean come on he’s famous but when you think of stranger things is this kid the first person you think about most likely no, and nah before you try to reach with that racist shit I’m just going to shut all that bullshit down just in case you tried me with that, but yeah he’s not that known compared to his other acting piers that’s what he meant

    • Melosivitch24 says:

      Nightly DeadShot fair enough. He’s probably be the 4th most famous when you think of stranger things. But pure fame he’s the second most famous. Millie is number 1. And he’s number two because of his involvement with the nba, celebrity game, social movements etc

    • Cage - says:

      Melosivitch24 in my opinion Finn is number 1 having the most followers out of all of them

  4. Alexandre S says:

    still waiting on the Joe La Puma goes sneaker shopping vid

  5. Sean Holman says:

    He’s more competent than 95% of the sneaker shopping guests, respect

  6. Rushawn Rochester says:

    These are not my favorite yEeZyy’z I like the tHaNos looking ones😂😂

  7. The Don says:

    Do sneaker shopping with azalea banks. Should be a episode to remember😂

  8. Jack The Ripper says:

    350 = THANOS SHOE

  9. The Don says:

    All them for retail or close to retail. I need to be rich

  10. drew lim says:

    Joe La puma goes sneaker shopping with Complex!!

  11. The Don says:

    If you notice the cashier doesn’t dap up anybody sentimental as this. Black connection

  12. Demarquis Johnson says:

    This was a cool shopper. Very easy interview and also made it a fun thing again.

  13. YoloGonca_33 says:

    Donald Trump goes sneaker shopping with complex

  14. want some cuppa? says:

    What excuse travis gave this time?

  15. Noahs says:

    $150 for some travis scotts WHERE THIS STORE AT

  16. Jose Jeffery Mendoza says:

    This kid needs to give speech lessons to all thes other guest

  17. ianmedium says:

    He seems to be a really nice humble kid with his head on his shoulders. I’ve never heard of him until I googled him has I don’t watch tv.

  18. Snkrheadzz Ron says:

    Caleb seems mad cool for a 16 year old 💪🏾

  19. Reeve Langeveldt says:

    “Thanos looking Yeezy’s” I love this kid 😂

  20. Doug Dimmadome says:

    I like how he actually dresses his age too. A lot of these kids want to be grown so bad.

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