Stranger Things Season 4 Behind The Scenes

Stranger Things Season 4 Behind The Scenes

Season 4 of Stranger Things has really upped the ante, and proved itself as one of the show’s best seasons. Creating a show as big as Stranger Things is no easy task. There was a lot of work going on behind the scenes to bring the show to life. Between recreating Southern California in another state, to coordinating massive scenes with crazy stunts, everyone gave a hundred and ten percent to help create this season. That being said, there was also a lot of goofing off and shenanigans between the cast members. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnaap in particular had a lot of hilarious stories about their on set experiences while filming. Can you guess which one of them got pelted by water balloons?

Creating the right look and aesthetic was extremely important for the Stranger Things team. Vecna is one of the coolest monsters we have seen on the show, and a ton of hard work went into creating his look. The prosthetics team had their hands full, as they applied a whopping amount of prosthetics. It’s almost hard to believe how many individual pieces were applied to actor Jamie Campbell. It’s no wonder he spent so long in the makeup chair!

Sometimes the best behind the scenes moments have nothing to do with the show, and come purely from the chemistry all the actors have with each other. Like which cast members competed in a fruit by the foot challenge?

Which behind the scenes moment from Stranger Things season 4 is your favorite? Let us know down below in the comments!


00:00 Intro
00:20 Vecna
01:30 Millie’s Wig
01:51 Billy Cameo
02:36 Late Entry
03:15 Golf Pros
03:57 Roller Fun
04:25 Fruity Challenge
04:44 Jokesters
05:15 Strange Noise
05:41 Blip Blip Blip
06:07 Quesadillas
06:49 Ice Pops
07:25 Together Again
07:45 Locations
08:09 Outro

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40 Responses

  1. Jadis says:

    Everyone is talking about Millie but can we recognize Sadie Sink, & Noah Schnapp for their amazing performances this season!?

    • Mayaru Toelle says:

      @Teehee bestie ur so cool i wanna be friends. No comment

    • Maximum Gain Podcast says:

      I’m sorry, but what the hell did Noah do that was so amazing this season!? Sadie Sink absolutely deserves more praise. Her performance was so layered in this season. But honestly, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard and Wynona Ryder I really didn’t like in S4. Mainly because of the writing for their characters.

    • Chris Martinez says:

      Noah shined in season 2 this season is all Sadie

    • Tainá Ali Green says:

      @Teehee u thought u ate?

  2. Trina Q says:

    Millie’s shaved hair this season looked convincing, luckily they didn’t have her shave her head again.

    • Jess Wythspone says:

      I knew right away it was a wig because of the shape of the back of her head.

    • Laurenplayz says:


    • Shining Natalie says:

      @FROSSARD she never said that I thought she said in one interview that it was her choice

    • FROSSARD says:

      @Shining Natalie Im talking about season one. It was not her choice. She already said in a lot of interviews that she didn’t want to shave her head and she even cried when they were doing it. But she had to do it so she just accepted.

  3. Brianna Sara says:

    ok but can we please speak on Sadie’s performance this season?? girl deserves an Emmy or something.

  4. Boof Boof says:

    Millie is amazing but let’s take a moment to appreciate Jamie. He endured 7 hours of prosthetic and acted amazingly under all that prosthetic which was probably no doubt really hot.

  5. Lily says:

    The acting this season was crazy good!

  6. tvsqmo says:

    can we all take a moment to appreciate david harbour? we all know that the russia parts wouldnt have been as good without him.

  7. Ricardo N says:

    Sadie carried the first part of this season with episode 4 alone

  8. ZບZບ says:

    I mean, ST is a masterpiece, they are improving every season, Duffer brothers, actors and production team made an incredible work. ❤️🕰🏚🪆🛼❤️

    • Laique says:

      Unlike those brothers who screwed up GOT season 8

    • Clement Kaunda says:

      Too many plot holes to be called a masterpiece

    • Purg says:

      Masterpiece is a massive stretch – I’d say it’s one of those shows that does a fantastic job at being that sort of dramatic suspenseful teen entertainment. Almost like a marvel movie except better. But something like a masterpiece can’t really have as many bad actors, expectable or repetitive dialogue, cheesy tropes, etc. as stranger things does. I’m not even trying to insult it, I love the show, it’s just not something that can be put on the same level as what I would consider a masterpiece of a show to be.

  9. BARBARA LEE says:

    I am loving this season so far. Its darker and the tone is bit more serious, but very well written. There are so many Easter eggs too. I’m having fun spotting all of them. I just noticed that Dr. Brennon looks a lot like director David Cronenberg and Vecna’s hands look like Pumpkinhead’s. And Vecna cocoons his victims much like the Xenos do in Aliens.

    • OmletFinder says:

      and victor creel is played by robert englund, the actor for freddy krueger so it was surprising to see him in a netflix show

  10. AJ1 says:

    Millie went through so much pain and exhaustion in stranger things, she is such a legend.

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