Stranger’s Thing

Stranger’s Thing

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Watch the book club discussion!

Ehl as himself:
Claire as herself:
Jomm as “Chris”:

Additional Animators:
Alaylay: |
Jakeuro: |

Song: Snack Time by The Green Orbs

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82 Responses

  1. Magikazam says:


  2. Kathie McCoy says:

    “Chris” can sleep outside. 😁 idk why I said that

  3. Hrotriks _ says:

    Domics … Domics… Domics …. If they dont have a key it means that they shouldnt be inside , is not disrespectful to deny strangers access, either they can wait for the people who invited them or leave.

    • Skye says:

      Hrotriks _ Exactly. However, this is not the case at my high school. The school has a security system that automatically locks all doors during class time, so you can’t open the doors from outside except for the main doors up front. However, if you’re in gym or on the field or in the art room (which are separate buildings) and want to go inside, you can’t unless you knock and someone opens the door for you. Amid all the school shootings, it gets scary to open the door for an innocent student wanting to go to the restroom or opening the door to a student who has evil intentions. Scary stuff.

  4. 100 % says:

    Finally you uploaded

  5. Guy Bental says:

    *opens door for stranger*
    Him : thanks man
    Me : you too

  6. Van Hendrix says:

    I clicked on the video so fast I went faster than Flash

  7. Kachi Ki says:

    0:22 am I the only person that heard him say “african hate” instead of “I fricken hate”

  8. Fang Animations says:

    we could think about the 0:10 at the planets core

    • FandomFrenzy says:

      Fang Animations or we can think about the bubble we made so that they can’t be heard any, they can’t be heard anymore…

    • SociallyAwkwardOtaku says:

      Or we could think about the bubble we made so that they can’t be hurt anymore

    • Kail says:

      We could think about joy! We could think about pain! We could think about sunshine, we could think about rain! There’s an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of, but for just one day let’s only think about…

    • Jack Hatter says:

      Not if we help bubble it!

  9. trulylashton says:

    I mean honestly I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my key to my hotel room. So I trust most people who say that and are locked out. Idk it just depends on the vibe they give me

    • Universe Creator says:

      Yeah but the only wallet they found up there after two searches didn’t belong to him. Also, there’s the fact that if he drank as much as his friends, why isn’t he passed out too? Or, at the very least, too drunk to properly articulate this story? Dom would have mentioned this dude looking sloshed, I’m sure.

  10. YaBoiAkira says:

    *Always Remember kids, if you wll help a serial Killers maybe you’ll be lucky to die last*

  11. SoUncivilizedDaily says:

    *s o u n c i v i l i z e d*

    *-I actually have 2976 s u b s for this!-*

  12. A Vsaucy Boi says:

    The way it goes is when someone is at the school entrance you can’t let them in. But once you stare, it’s awkward and it becomes aggressive knocking.

  13. It's Thinzy says:

    You should’ve gave him a different name from the ID card, that way you could tell if he were lying or not.

  14. Sonia's Way says:

    The way you tell the story is so good 👏
    I make animated videos (amateur) as well, to share my experiences and stuff ✌️

  15. Geeky Pixel says:

    Remember kids, don’t open doors to serial killers! But if you do, you might be lucky enough to be killed last!
    Haha! Tune in next week for more… uh… life advice with Domics!

  16. Geeky Pixel says:

    California is too hot? Everywhere’s too hot! I’M MELTING! HELP!

  17. Yennie Fer says:

    No bisc.
    No risk.

  18. Justin Y. says:

    “He ain’t got no biscuit I ain’t riskin it”

  19. Jayden The Unicorn says:

    Gj Domics! #11 On Trending!

  20. Commander Appo says:

    People who don’t open the door:

    I’m sorry sir it’s time for you to leave.

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