Strangest Pregnancy Cravings Taste Test

Strangest Pregnancy Cravings Taste Test

Does Colleen Ballinger crave Cheetos + Cool Whip? We’re tasting the strangest pregnancy cravings we can find, and guessing which ones came from Colleen!  GMMore #1399

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80 Responses

  1. iPod Touch iPod Touch says:

    The other one is private for me

  2. Paige Richards says:

    Is it just me or is the GMM episode private for everyone else?

  3. Zac Hernandez says:

    Well I was going to ask why the other video is private, but I think that’s already been asked a few times 😂

  4. Francis P says:

    I thought you guys were joking when you said you would get Colleen on the show, Always proving me wrong

  5. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Yay Collen! She’s awesome!

  6. rjm 420 says:

    She’s attractive without the lipstick and persona

  7. Marcelino Anthony says:

    Link: *Has an entire episode about Bacon, writes Emily Blount*

  8. EJ Banfield says:

    Preparing my soul for Bullwinkle Ballinger

  9. Ayu Syahirah says:

    Colleen is such a delight

  10. liam williams says:

    Conspiracy: Rhett is pregnant

  11. Neil H says:

    12:12 You’re damn right it could.

  12. Frank Costello says:

    5:37 Colleen- “See I’ve been sick and barfing a lot but while I’m barfing I’m like ohhh this sounds really good and want to eat it right away.”… 😮I DIDN’T THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE!!!

    • Camoflauge Cowgirl says:

      Yes it’s very possible lol. First and second trimester with my first and second babies, all I wanted was bread, pepsi, and watermelon. Even while I was throwing up… the thought of it just sounds so perfect like it’ll make all your sickness go away. Of course for me it didn’t lol

    • Aadin Heals says:

      Yes it absolutely is … when I was pregnant my cravings were interesting and my food hates were also interesting. Like I still hate orange juice and eggs.

    • Frank Costello says:

      Wow! Look at all the mothers here rallying to tell me otherwise. 😃 Thank you very much ladies and thank you even more for creating life. Respect!

    • Rebekah Wright says:

      As a pregnant woman I can confirm her statement is so true lol

    • angela says:

      Jennifer Mescall yes! i can be completely nauseous, on the verge of throwing up & be like ……oh my god i need some food right. now. then i eat, think i feel better, and want to vomit even more

  13. balamb25 says:

    Link: the miracle of pregnancy!
    Rhett: hey guys there’s brisket!!!!
    And this is why Rhett is my spirit animal.

  14. Jessica Ross says:

    Mythical Beasts, Look out for the next Rocky Lincoln neal. 😉😁

  15. Tamo12482 Gaming says:

    In Australia we call ‘rice-crispies’ ‘rice bubbles’ and we call ‘coco pebbles’ ‘coco pops’. And the slogan for rice bubbles is “snap, crackle and pop”. But the slogan for coco pops is “tastes like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” (emphasise the eeeeeeee sound).

  16. grac4750 grac4750 says:

    I know most of the cravings cause I watch Colleen. Haha lol

  17. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Happy bacon wrapped sandwich day daddies.

  18. WhitDog WhatsUp says:

    *WHO ELSE KNEW EVERY ANSWER BECAUSE YOU WATCH COLLEENS VLOGS???* Haha. Y’all need to have Colleen on once a month… just sayin😉. Have a great weekend guys! Much Love Beasts 😁💚

  19. K M says:

    They have great chemistry together! Can tell they’re all friends.

  20. Brynn Roemer says:

    I was sick through all 9mo of both of my pregnancies and the only thing I craved was ICE! Ice ice ice.

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