Stray (catview)

Stray (catview)

Why doesn’t he say jokes?

donkey store
donkey twitch

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40 Responses

  1. Basics Explained, H3Vtux says:

    “If a cat were going to save the world it would either be on accident, or because it wanted to drink some milk” Love it.

  2. vrostar says:

    The way he jumps and launches his springy spine out is filled with the exaggerated swagger of a young cat

  3. Quinardo Soto says:

    This game really makes me feel like my allergies are acting up.

  4. Fausto Fimbres says:

    The game is pretty good! the ONLY thing that bugs me is the need of a lamp when cats can perfectly see in the dark.

    • Randomizer says:

      they actually cant see in the dark, they still need atleast a bit of light source

    • gregariousjb says:

      Interesting point – I didn’t think of this, either. I suspect a lamp is easier to develop than a transitioning “night vision” lighting system to emulate the cat’s narrowing/widening pupils in light/dark areas. Maybe in a sequel.

    • Hand Of Mandates /Deviation Maintains Tenacity says:

      I didn’t even THINK of this. 9/10

  5. Shangerdanger says:

    finally a ball of yarn type game

  6. ThatGuyYouKnow says:

    I love how “have had no crashes” is apparently noteworthy for that one guy and not just something that should be expected in a game.

    • MiguelProductions says:

      Honestly at this point I don’t blame him for making a note of that. Games lately feel so prone to crashing that the ones that don’t stand out

    • NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse says:

      @Charlie Ricker i feel fairly confident, it’s an issue with getting info to/from memory(permissions, timing, order of arrival?), but with what they’ve added since then, i personally wouldn’t touch it. I’m not against rolling windows for all, but it’s gonna be airgapped if it’s in my place. “No actually, you can’t have my wifi password”. Lol. Cast to my tv? Uh…. it’s too old man, it’s dumb tv..?

    • Banana says:

      @SignUp-Man #42 Man they are better than they were in like 2010!

    • Jeremiah Chua says:

      I’m positive that years from now, a game having no microtransactions will make it a masterpiece.

    • Chris Carson says:

      Thats how video games are in 2022👍

  7. Quintus Grobler says:

    My tip for everyone: Fully complete every town/hub area before doing the story there. It makes the exploration and puzzles less obvious and in my opinion way more fun.

    • Gou and Sotsu were mistakes says:

      I’ve done this and kept accidentally progressing the story. Pretty fun.

    • Kaesaltic says:

      I think this is how I had fun with the game more. When I first got to the major area where the companions are, being a gamer I am, I started doing the side quests first before doing the main story because exploring is fun. Then when I finally start the main mission, everything just connects and I can see how people say the quests are so obvious.

    • Dave Rhodes says:

      @Plz I think the original idea of this game was a cat exploring a walled city in China, but then got reworked into a sci-fi walled city instead. It feels like Slums is left over from the original concept for the game and the rest of it is a lot more story driven.

    • Im Done says:

      exactly, thats kind of the whole thing with the game that adds story and fun anyways lmao. this is the main reason why ive always fully explored everything in every kind of game, aside from me just being a curious and explorative person lol

    • is the best says:

      @Quintus Grobler your last name is grobler why tf you talking to me

  8. Zwiemon :D says:

    Cat lateral damage is an absolute master piece when it comes to being a cat

  9. bug5654 says:

    “Gorgeous game, I’ve had no crashes.”
    Remember when that was almost every game with decent graphics? Pepperidge farm remembers.

    • That Fetcher Fargoth says:

      This is what people get with the neverending pursuit of graphic fidelity. Along with games taking half a decade or more to create, being too expensive to make, and de-incentiving creativity.


    I love how “have had no crashes” is apparently noteworthy for that one guy and not just something that should be expected in a game.

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