Stray Kids <NOEASY> UNVEIL : TRACK “강박 (방찬, 현진)”

Stray Kids <NOEASY> UNVEIL : TRACK “강박 (방찬, 현진)”

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <NOEASY> UNVEIL : TRACK “강박 (방찬, 현진)”

Stray Kids Digital Single “Mixtape : 애”
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#NOEASY #강박 #RedLights

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34 Responses

  1. Wetk_ says:

    StrayKids = Perfect

  2. Dilshan Ravindu Gunarathna says:


    • Maria Gutiérrez says:


    • Stay 🥂OnceMidzy🍹 says:

      @Aparupa Bhattacharya covering song doesnt make them fanboy lmao
      they covered cause bp song have same sound

      skz used dudud in 2017 before BP in their song RUNNERS HIGH

    • Pg says:

      @Jisoo is queen are toxic blinks so jobless lately?

    • may says:

      @Jisoo is queen

      im actually a blink and a stay and your’e so toxic, they didn’t copy anyone, the line was similar but it doesn’t mean anything. if you’re here to hate, fuk off.

    • Aya Taha says:

      @Jeon Rosè umm I’m not hating on skz I Stan them so much , but they didn’t copy (so hot ) they covered it , just like skz covered BP’s ddu du ddu … Yeah so they are free to cover what they want , idk what these toxic people’s are fighting over!?

  3. THE GLITAL says:

    *Popular Opinion : Everyone Agrees That STAY Is The Luckiest Fandom Ever.*

  4. THE GLITAL says:

    *Stray Kids Doesn’t Realize This, But They’re Making Everyone’s Day BETTER!!*

    • Jun ♪ says:

      right! I hope that my music can make people’s day better eventually too lol

    • Stay 🥂OnceMidzy🍹 says:

      also a person @jisoo is queen is spreading unnecesary hate
      dont mind them
      and for info skz used dudud in 2017 in their song RUNNERS HIGH chan’s part “My kick go 808 DUDUDDU”
      before d4 so they didnt copy anything

      stays dont fight with that stupid person

    • Łöśt Šåñįtÿ says:

      @Stay 🥂OnceMidzy🍹 Bro “du” is such a common thing to use in songs why are they trying to say it’s a BlackPink thing? I- what? 😭

    • Stay 🥂OnceMidzy🍹 says:

      @Łöśt Šåñįtÿ ikr its just a sound 😭didnt baby shark dodod also have that sound its so common idk why

  5. Berenice Lozano says:

    I love that now that everyone in Stray Kids are adults, they have been showing their mature side/content with more comfort and confidence.

  6. 한쿼카ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    아니 작사작곡에 안무참여도 모자라서 이제 뮤비연출까지…..진심 천재들…..ㅠㅠ

  7. ロール says:

    Держитесь, Стэй🙏🏻 И не забывайте дышать.

  8. Дарья Воронина says:

    Чан, А ведь ты говорил что мы будем смущаться
    Ну а теперь смущаешься Ты, А мы просто сидим в шоке

  9. Карина Аверина says:

    Я конечно всё понимаю, но кажется они решили что у них слишком большой фандом и нужно половину убить)

    А если серьёзно качество отличное)

    • Soo-Yon Kim says:

      Убери пожалуйста смайлики, просто я слышала, что они вроде замораживают просмотры :_)

    • Карина Аверина says:

      @Soo-Yon Kim а да? Окей)

  10. GD Ru STAY says:

    а вообще мне кажется, что в этом тизире нам хотели показать внутренней конфликт с самим собой,своим я,выбор между добром и злом,белым и черным(в выпуске song camp они были ещё и в черных костюмах, здесь не показали).

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