Street Testing RUBY With 1000+ Horsepower/Preparing Her for a 1,300 Mile Racecar Roadtrip!

Street Testing RUBY With 1000+ Horsepower/Preparing Her for a 1,300 Mile Racecar Roadtrip!

DANG! Ruby is more ready than we thought for this 1300 mile drive!
Racecar Roadtrip we’re doing –

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41 Responses

  1. maxwellreed09 says:

    Ceramic “heat resistant” windshield tint is a LIFESAVER for cruising with no a/c !

  2. darian jeske says:

    Cleetus do two fuel tanks with lanes running to 1 line with ball valves
    to switch fuels. KEEP DOING IT FOR

  3. Lucas S. says:

    where is the hood tho? in the beginning you said you wanted to put the hood on LOL

  4. Michael Davis says:

    Guys, put an air filter on Ruby while driving on the street, especially in Florida where the mosquitos are as big as small birds ?.

    • Pandora's Steak House says:

      Lovebugs arrived in Florida sometime during the mid 1900s. The invasive species came to Texas from Central America and migrated east, creeping from Louisiana down to Florida

      Things weren’t so bad, at first. But over the years, humans accidentally created the perfect recipe for these invaders to flourish. Farmers rearranged the way pastures were organized, bringing cattle closer together instead of letting them spread out far across open fields. Meanwhile, the Florida Road Department increased its grass-trimming by the highway.

      The bugs spread across the state. By the late ’60s and early ’70s, there were so many lovebugs that it could be dangerous to drive during the day,You’d have to pull off the interstate every 10 miles just to wipe the paste of guts from your windshield, or else you wouldn’t be able to see where you were going.

      Many service stations charge up to 75 cents to remove a lovebug incrustation if that motorist doesn’t buy at least 10 gallons of gasoline.Forget about lemonade stands. Children used to stand along the highway offering lovebug cleaning services for a dollar.

      Researchers spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars focusing on love bugs. By the end of the ’70s, lovebugs were still annoying, but not plentiful enough to be dangerous anymore

    • yo bert says:

      Let her eat

    • 0 subscribers with no videos says:

      Bugs shouldn’t damage turbo though. I would be more worried about small rocks tossed up by other cars.

    • Nick Cyr says:

      Pandora’s Steak House lmfao 0-100 in the comment section, I love stuff like that

    • luis gone says:

      +Tokin lmao ya I was gonna say our damn love bugs right now

  5. preston biering says:

    You need to get street bandito to make you a carbon Kevlar removable roof cover for Leroy!

  6. Merc Zuckerborg says:

    “How many horses you pushin’?”

    “more than you can afford, pal.”

  7. R - says:

    Why not get ProFab to build a removable roof with 1/4 turn fasteners?

    • I Paid says:

      R – I wouldn’t trust 1/4 turn fasteners to something like that. In aviation, they only use those on fully inclosed panels. Something that will be subject to constant air pressure from underneath should definitely have full turn fasteners. But I agree a legitimate roof would be a nice touch. Maybe bring a little bit of corvette sheet metal back to it

  8. Elijah Melloy says:

    Maybe you should look at getting sponsored by rugged radio they make some top quality coms.

  9. Slavic Pupper says:

    You should get McFarland Fabrication to build you a trophy truck

  10. GB gamerzzz says:

    You should put a drainage mechanism on the tank or even install a second tank and a way to change tanks

  11. Nitrous Fed Films says:

    Fuel drain solution at track.

    Unhook the feed line in front of the pump. Turn on pump and poof empty tank. Put a Y there with a cap attach a long hose to a jug while it’s at the track.

  12. CRivera Rivera says:

    Beavis and Butt-head take the vette to the beach!!!

    Love your work, big fan!

  13. jesus saves cars s says:

    Anyone ever notice Cletus sounds just like butthead but country hahahah????

  14. Iowa says:

    No don’t put a air filter on Ruby.
    She needs a good hone before she gets to the track.

  15. Darth Quaalude says:

    when your GoPro’s over heat but your turbo v8 doesnt. Magic

  16. Cameron says:

    The beginning: when all of your cars are running and you’ve got no new parts to install.

  17. Franklin Beaty says:

    Run two different gas tanks for the two different fuels and put them on a switch

  18. Trent Putnam says:

    Drain plugs in the bottom of the tanks, they make double nut with seal drain plugs for this purpose actually.

  19. Johnmicheals Burnett says:

    Hell Yeah Brother Lov the video ?????

  20. Sev Rage says:

    Thousand horsepower junkyard auction car: just fine.
    GoPro action cams: melted.

    Lol what

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