Strut with Whoopi

Strut with Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg talks “The View”, her love life and new reality show, Strut.

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19 Responses

  1. zazzy minajj says:

    That man is the definition of beauty

  2. Luckey F. Starr says:

    Whoopi is absolutely one of my favorite guest..

  3. lenor abargill says:

    Wendy would fit in just right on this show Strut!

  4. Lipstick Nista says:

    Whoopis hands are very youthful looking

  5. heyits me says:

    whoopie looks pretty, she aging very well

  6. Abdul T says:

    that man is fucking gorgeous!

  7. Ashlee Anokwuru says:

    Whoopi is 60? Really? She looks good ????

  8. Erika Miller says:

    Wendy is horrid and unprofessional. What is her damage? What kind of
    questions are these? Whoopi is such a good sport tolerating this mess.

  9. linus karlshammar says:

    It never cross my mind that the bearded man is a trans man (born girl),
    until I read the comments. I thought he was the transgender girls gay

  10. DC DC says:

    i LOVE whoopi but who snatched her EYEBROWS!!??

  11. Eon Hardy says:

    damn i love whoopi… shes so adamant in what she believes in.. and has
    always been… she so rigid and stern in her mindset… and has always been
    .. shes really a true scorpio … “Ghost” is still one of my fav movies of
    all time, and it came out the year i was born 🙂 (1990) .. luv u whoopi !

  12. Bonquishria says:

    Whoopi was not feeling Wendy at all

  13. Diana ♡ says:

    I love Whoopi so much, I wish the interview was conducted better though

  14. Reese Washington says:

    Whoopi is too real!!! Love her!!!

  15. Stephen James says:

    “I see your teeth are growing from your skull.” *SERIOUSLY?”* This is what
    you say to an entertainment legend?? “You did that commercial for a urine
    leak.” Oh dear lord. I was embarrassed, and I’m just sitting at home at my
    computer. Whoopi is a great sport but I just *know* she got in her
    limousine later and thought, “What the hell is wrong with Wendy?”

  16. Jim Jim says:

    that man was actually a woman before she changed his gender?

  17. Frances Bxgrl4ever says:

    Ive loved her since day one!!!

  18. Jacquéline Jeunéqilac says:

    So Wendy, now can you stop with your “teeth master” thing. You’re not a
    vampire to go looking at peoples’ teeth.

  19. Green Raver Music says:

    No offense whoopi needs to be doing a show about why black can get a
    fucking job. How about that for realness.