Student Debt in the U.S. Reaches an All-Time High | The Daily Show

Student Debt in the U.S. Reaches an All-Time High | The Daily Show

Student debt reaches an all-time high in the U.S., prompting Democratic presidential candidates to vie for the best debt relief policy ideas.

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83 Responses

  1. murigi carolyn says:

    “You can only be broke till your 24, after 24, you are just poor” – Emanuela. ????

  2. Charles Cummings says:

    I’m a student loan debt collector, open the door???

  3. Georg Gurken says:

    In Germany there is an alternative called dual university program. You work 3 months in your company and then study 3 months in your university over 3 years. The company pays your student debt and after the 3 years you have a save job in that company . And you get paid during the 3 years.

    • Ashdrey1337 says:

      Dude you can’t compare it with germany, in germany we don’t have to take these amounts of debts to graduate. At least I havent met anyone from medschool with a 100k debt yet

    • Georg Gurken says:

      @Ashdrey1337i know i just wanted to point out that in Germany there is a system where you dont have to pay anything

    • Natasha Ivanova says:

      An associat’s degree is 4 semesters long, which is 2 years if you have a full schedule, and is basically worthless nowadays

    • swagswagify says:

      @Th0rodin is 55k euros what you are projected to make in your first year? 42% is the amount of tax you are required to pay each year. German colleges are not free, not even close.

    • swagswagify says:

      @Ashdrey1337 that’s because they give 42% of it to the gov each year.

  4. Hector B says:

    I don’t really know about economics besides Micro and Macro, but I’m curious. Can this student debt cause a great recession in the upcoming years?

  5. LIK Gameo says:

    We’re laughing about it, but student loan is a serious problem…

    • ThaSecond says:

      Why. All people need to do is stop taking out loans they can’t afford and future generations need to learn from the mistakes of the past generations. That’s not terribly difficult is it?

    • ThatPerson says:

      @ThaSecond That’s what I used to say. I’m fairly young still but my family is in the worst financial position we’ve ever been in. I’m still living with my dad because I’m in no way able to live on my own. But we’re about to lose the house and loans are the only option *right now.* We’ve researched a ton but everything else could take months we don’t have. We both don’t want to do loans but it’s either that or my siblings and my dad and I are all homeless.

    • ThaSecond says:

      @ThatPerson did your dad go to college and if so, what was his major?

    • Luke D says:

      If it were that simple, people wouldn’t do it. But degrees in this society have become so valuable and needed to build a life that going to college is becoming a must. So people are going to have to pay for it somehow.

    • ThaSecond says:

      You can’t honestly that the only way for people to go to college now is to take out loans. My.mother is an immigrant from Kenya, came here in the 1990s with $800 and went to L.A. As in Los Angeles, with only $800! Now she has more than $1 Million in assets. Know how? Cause it wasn’t taking out student loans. It was through working two jobs and majoring in a field that pays well. That’s all millennials need, a passion for work. Work shouldn’t be a place where we show up to survive. We need to give our best efforts and value it. Millennials work ethic isnt nearly as great as previous generations and that’s a major factor in why we fail to succeed without the aid of the government.

  6. Austin Baumgartner says:

    What is this “retirement plan” I’ve been hearing so much about? ?

    • Mc Levels says:

      A retirement plan is basically investing your money in the stock market so you can have it tax free once you’re the age of retirement. And since it’s for retirement the safest bet is something that gives a slow return on investment like index funds which invests your money in the top 500 companies instead of just a few. Research 401k and IRA.

  7. Erin Piccolo says:

    Gen-Xer here, still paying for my M.A.T 13 years later.

  8. Ann B says:

    They didn’t care about the debt in the housing crisis. …
    They don’t care about debt in students loan.
    Wake up America
    We are on our own

    • Josh Rogers says:

      @ThaSecond I don’t have any student loan debt. I got my degree with less than 5k in debt and paid it off after less than a year of working and saving money. My point wasn’t “loans bad” it was the government likes to pretend that they didn’t create a problem so they can blame others for it. They do it all the time and people still trust them to fix their lives by giving the government more money. It just baffles me.

    • ThaSecond says:

      @Josh Rogers well if we consider this a problem, then certainly we can consider other governmental ideas a problem such as welfare, that was a disaster. But no dems brings that up, they only bring up issues that they didnt create.

    • Josh Rogers says:

      @ThaSecond the funny thing is the democrats did create the student loan crisis. They had unilateral control of the House, Senate and Presidency when the current policy was put in place. Now they want to blame others. Seems kinda weird but I guess they have to hope their voting block doesn’t look up their voting history on the issue and what’s wild is most don’t. People are happy to be willfully ignorant.

    • ThaSecond says:

      @Josh Rogers oh really? Disnt know that. I was trying to save the the best I could and didnt even realize that

    • Robert Melvin says:

      Welcome to the world of Mad Max. I discovered that truthism nearly 45 years ago.

  9. John Doe says:

    Remember when one minimum wage, full-time job was enough to support a household?

  10. vikky dwivedi says:

    “student loan can follow you up to your grave”
    -: Talk about a stalker

  11. Swiggy ReX says:

    I thought US is a rich county. Seems like its wealth is concentrated among handful of organizations

  12. Melanin Queen says:

    Schools should never be for profit, just like prisons and wars faught. Its immoral!

    • Tyler Yan says:

      @Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar I guess all the socialism and communist movement in the 20th century really helped a lot lol

    • F_F_F_ says:

      @Mirror of Society “free healthcare” – Healthcare is not free in Germany. It costs like 14% of your income. Or some arbitrary amount if you choose a private plan.

    • Tyiff Pejic says:

      ​@F_F_F_ And in the US 14% or some arbitrary amount of your income is also swiped yet Americans get nothing back for it. What’s your real point, here? Obviously nothing we’re talking about is “free”, but are you too literal to understand the implication of the person you responded to?

    • Ronnie Baker says:

      And health care

    • F_F_F_ says:

      @Tyiff Pejic Well I just wanted to clarify. For example if you switch to a private plan this makes a huge difference. Moreover, I prefer this system to funds just being part of the budget (which can be cut by a right wing government to save money followed by the claim that the system is not working anymore )

  13. David Ninghetto says:

    would somebody please explain to me, why in God’s name going to College is so freaking expensive??? you can get the same education in Switzerland for 50 to 70% less!!!

    • Mac says:

      It’s not that expensive. It’s just retards without the mental capacity for STEM that complain about it. I’m majoring in petroleum engineering, I will graduate with zero debt(GI BILL), and likely make 8-10k a month after graduation. There are many logical approaches to college. ON AVERGE it’s about a +900k investment over a lifetime. It’s not my job to educate you .

    • Mac says:

      Delta PAG Its truly incredible how many airheads there are out there. In state tuition at a good public University isn’t unaffordable at all. If you work part time and compound that with pull grants you could easily cut that debt in half by the time you graduate. So many studies have been done that quantify a college degree. On average, someone with a bachelors earns 1M more over a lifetime than someone without. On average. Obviously execrations will be found on both ends of the spectrum. A bachelors degree is the new high school diploma. Good luck without one because 98% of worthwhile doors simply aren’t opening for you. College isn’t worthless. It shows potential employers you aren’t a lazy piece of shit. That you can accomplish a goal and you have a work ethic. You can join the Air Force as a dental hygienist, never once put your life in danger, get out and go to college for free. Seems that you shit head libs just want everything for free. Free free free. Dumbass.

    • Scrantonman95 says:

      Actually it’s socialism. The school doesn’t have to come down in price if the government will fit the bill!

    • TristessaEm says:

      @Marvinwum And state gives you money for living and rent so you can concentrate on studies.

    • Mac says:

      Elana Lawson The vast majority are state funded public universities wtf are you talking about.

  14. Dominikmb17 says:

    Greatest nation on earth lmao then why do veterans live on the streets for example?!

    • ThatPerson says:

      @Mirror of Society And that’s a good choice because it’s absolutely ridiculous here.

    • micro christ says:

      ThaSecond you think that kind of thing happens and culminates in under 8 years? No. It was decades of mistakes and the recession of 2007 that began truly back with Reagan. Stop listening to Fox News.

    • chez421 says:

      @ThaSecond Are you drunk or high on meths? Trumps has done fuck all for vets. Perhaps if the US government, past and present, stopped sending troops all over the world for “regime changes”, America would not have so many veterans to take care of??

    • swagswagify says:

      @micro christ actually you are wrong. STOP listening to TYT or MSNBC

  15. Roberto Carlos says:

    School simply should not be that expensive, making education a business (uni) should be banned. Doing so simply destroys generations and a country

    • Richard De Fortune says:

      Healthcare shouldn’t be a business either

    • Roberto Carlos says:

      @Richard De Fortune very true, the fundamental pillars of a country/society. Healthcare, education, public transportation should never be used as tools to constrict the people or used as a business weapons against people.

  16. Steven Yang says:

    “Let’s make America great again!”
    “And that doesn’t include infrastructure, young child care, public education, and fixing income inequality. However, it does include a wall, a bigger military, sanctions, and trade wars!”

    • Águila701 says:

      @wat watson What have Republicans done on that aspect?

    • Águila701 says:

      @Leonel Hernandez The economy is booming yet the average American worker isn’t benefiting. All of the earnings go to the rich people. But it’s cool how you’re trained to bark those responses like the good dog you are.

    • Leonel Hernandez says:

      Águila701 -let me answer for him… thanks to trump the stock market didn’t crash… he has reduced government spending by a rule which says for every new program they have to eliminate two… this reduces government spending and the national debt goes down… he has worked with companies to move back to the US so they can hire Americans… he’s the first president that’s working with North Korea and a nuclear deal… yet he wasn’t given the Nobel peace prize… but Obama received it for being the first black president… just for being black.

  17. Lazy Fox Plays says:

    The biggest lie the boomers told us was that going to college would pay itself off.

    • Docpo says:

      @Ellie Y I assume they are on a income driven based payment plan which is why it is so low. For 90k and assume a 5% APR… Interest would be roughly 12.33 per day or around 370 per month. Paying 50 bucks a month is not going to ever pay off the debt.

    • Polestar Wes says:

      Jen Tuesday Yeah I guess that $10k-$17k justifies being in 60-100K in debt over non college grads. Sorry but making $17K more means nothing when your debt to income ratio is worst

    • Sergio Gonzalez says:

      Pff speak for yourself

    • KAY DE says:

      College: I dunno about you guys but I dont pay myself off I’m not made outta cash man I just do my job to help u guys get smarter and eventually ya’ll to pay me back man I hope ya’ll took good care of everything that belonged to me because if ya didnt ur paying for dat too dont think I wasnt watching you kids I’m ALWAYS WATCHING ALWAYS >:O

  18. SJulian says:

    And people wonder why students moonlight as escorts, it’s these crippling loans that drive them into desperate activities.

  19. last chance says:

    when she said 1.4 i expected billion and i was thinking thats so much then she said trillion i am dead

  20. cattigereyes1 says:

    Meet slavery in the new age! Also did you know Government officials are Above the law in America!

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