Student Pilot Loses Engine | Cockpit View + ATC | by Brian Parsley

Student Pilot Loses Engine | Cockpit View + ATC | by Brian Parsley

Watch the outcome and debriefing by Brian on his channel

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35 Responses

  1. LetsPosting says:

    He made it look easy.

  2. VASAviation - says:

    Thanks to Brian for sharing his experience with us!!

    • yooo yooo says:

      m no expert but played lot of video games in 90’s …i think if u keep ur nerves under control and make 270 degree turn before touch down lot of damage can be avoided…

    • Rennie Allen says:

      @Joe Mcwade yup, and I won’t repeat what was said.

    • Brian Parsley Speaker - Official Page says:

      @David Jones it wasn’t ruled “negligence” so you missing context. I was flying under shelf and just above pattern. I don’t “owe” you anything but I shared the video to assist folks with emergency planning and procedures. It was ruled I did everything I should’ve or could’ve…with the exception of getting fuel but there wasn’t a need based on flying it prior with instructor and flight plan was perfect as well. In the end, they made it an “occurrence” and believe it was leaking. My pre-flight was full and I visually touched and saw fuel just below cap. In fact, have a photo of that and sms sent to my instructor that day. So please feel free to do the same at 850 AGL and then let’s talk. It seems for some pilots the only thing they can agree on is what the other pilot did wrong.

    • Zerina Udvincic says:

      Such a smooth landing wow

    • Zerina Udvincic says:

      You can see he was shaking and scared but had a great landing regardless

  3. Jason Lewis says:

    Amazing job by the student pilot. He’ll make a great one.

  4. Rob Aust says:

    You can sort of imagine what was really going through his mind yet his training kicked in to keep the situation calm and controlled. Very well done.

    • L Harestad says:

      Way to go kid!!!!

    • Living a Dream Life says:

      Student Pilot: Totally calm

      Me: “OMG, Tower I‘ve lost the &@$&!? engine! I’m going down!”

    • SimonSez83 says:

      I always wonder…. what other choice do you really have? Hate to sound cliche but you the master of your own destiny at that point. Throwing your hands in the air isn’t really an option. Nerves are nerves and sometimes they just give up but you just gotta try anything at this point.

    • Fredrik Johansson says:

      You can see the stress on his shaking hands, still acted soo cool. If I’m half as cool in an emergency I’ll be good.

  5. Noe Carrier says:

    [RPM to zero!]
    Pilot: sweats internally

    • Phoenix says:

      @Dan G gotta dump those extra fuel

    • Andre Souza says:

      Yay, zero means time to action!

    • Kathryn Slye says:

      Yeah it’s not a fun feeling. There’s definitely a second or two of you staring at your hand on the throttle, seeing and feeling that it’s fully forward, but hearing the RPMs go to zero and your brain just goes: huh…um…er…what…but but it’s fully forward *press it in a little more firmly*… Then the realization all kicks in at once and your training takes over. But that first moment is like a surreal out of body experience because nothing makes sense.

    • Dood says:

      That’s what the fan in front is for. When it stops spinning the pilot starts to sweat.

  6. Richard Gallo says:

    The Boy done good. Looks like he paid attention to those “engine out drills”. Now he has taught others.

  7. TheSkoob says:

    Butter, even with no engine and in a field

    • elo philer says:

      cool if you are so knowledgeable then share you facts with us instead of just being a prick

    • harrier331 says:

      @Sussy ass motherfucka No, in that situation the landing he performed was pretty damn perfect. Don’t be such a prick.

    • Chris R says:

      @elo philer he’s just some silly teen with a silly name and a silly avatar posting a silly immature comment on youtube

    • Chris McDonald says:

      @Exciter Usually having the engine running allows you to land where you intend to with a proper glide slope.

  8. Matthew Hunter says:

    The sound of an engine dying in a single engine aircraft that close to the ground is utterly terrifying. Yet this man did everything he needed to survive and get the help he needed after landing… which he did flawlessly. Like Larry said below my comment, that’s not a student, hell that’s not even a pilot, that’s an aviator.

  9. James Barnhart says:

    You couldn’t nail a plank between his cheeks with a sledgehammer

  10. TC Candler says:

    The in-flight entertainment was a little sub-par… but the peanuts were nice.

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