STUNNING Facts You Never Knew About INSTAGRAM!-Facts in 5

STUNNING Facts You Never Knew About INSTAGRAM!-Facts in 5

Today I cover the little known secrets of this app (like how to get more likes) and everything else you need to know about INSTAGRAM in 5 minutes or less!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Reyes says:

    what about vine?

  2. Ceci Kahn says:

    Who else loVes the ad for LG G5

    Comment ur last 3 emojis???

  3. Pickel pup says:

    I have the same poo Emoji as you

  4. FireBlade98HUN says:

    Soooo of the 100.000.000 active users almost 70.000.000 is following taylor
    swift? That doesn’t seem all right, something is definitely wrong

  5. Matthew Gormley says:

    it’s Selena Gomez who has the most followers

  6. Mick Lennon says:

    I always post photos of cars that I see at various car shows on Instagram.

  7. Sulaman Qureshi says:

    Facts in 5 is probably you’re worst series

  8. ALi Ta says:

    i never used that shit

  9. Francisca Sae says:

    Let me have your babies. All your babies

  10. Joel Benzie says:

    Actually Selena Gomez has more followers than Taylor Swift

  11. Venezia Peli says:

    2000 comment!!!!

  12. Jenny Nguyen says:

    “However the most popular filter is actually ‘normal'”

    That’s only because people use other apps for filters now

  13. Tumblin_ Twins says:

    I preodered your book I CANT WAIT

  14. Mandeep Negi says:

    No selena is the most followed one

  15. Unicorn J says:


  16. Yanh Pov says:

    Keep it

  17. Mark R says:

    Octuse on Twitch is playing the kazoo for 24hrs for a childrens charity

  18. BS Toh says:


  19. Free Jazz says:

    ehh i tried out IG once…but im more Tumblr trash .3.

  20. T-Rex Productions says:

    Matt did you dye your hair green