Sturgill Simpson – “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)”

Sturgill Simpson – “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)”

“Brace For Impact (Live A Little)” off Sturgill’s new album – A Sailor’s Guide To Earth // Available April 15th
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20 Responses

  1. Jeff Jacobs says:

    Pre ordered it. Fuckers coming to OKC in May. Can’t wait

  2. carol conway says:

    Good Vibes,can’t wait to hear the rest of the album…groovy shit.Well done

  3. Timothy Dickmeyer says:

    The people who dislike this are just sour it doesn’t sound like Metamodern:
    2 right?

  4. Michael McCrary says:

    toO freakin good. Glad to have you back, Sturg!

  5. shadoesoul says:

    I hope this means that a tour is in the works…

  6. Mark Leto says:

    Ronnie Van Zant esk
    Not the old country sound that I love so much from Sturgil… Good stuff
    non the less

  7. andan04 says:

    Boys, I believe we’ve got a genius on our hands.

  8. Harper Beresford says:

    How come it’s all men cheering Sturgill on? Here’s a lady glad to see
    you’re back and looking forward to your new album!

  9. Matt Newsome says:

    You Mr. Sturgill Simpson are a Fucking genius…..

  10. Lucas Yarbrough says:

    That’s some heavy stuff.

  11. jason smith says:

    wow! just, wow !!

  12. Adrian Velez says:

    Sturgill,Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson have brought not just Country
    music back but music as it once was.Raw.

  13. Casey B says:

    Sturgill Simpson kicks ass. Beats the shit outta today’s country.

  14. Brandon Kappus says:

    Has a nice vibe… but it sounds too classic rock. Like a ZZ Top / Bad
    Company hybrid. Maybe I’m just not in the right mood at the moment. Still,
    I prefer the gritty, “outlaw country” sound of the previous albums.

  15. hilbilly bluz says:

    fukin groovy jam

  16. Tri Cities says:

    Country isn’t dead, it just lives in Red Dirt now.

  17. Ken Mickey says:


  18. Ol Gdubya says:

    Powerful Strugill Simpson #JRE

  19. josey scott (Conway) says:

    sturgill simpson is incredible. any voice that favors Waylon Jennings is a
    voice I wanna hear. the songs tell a story I like that. Johnny cash and
    Waylon both told stories with their songs. it’s an art that is not readily
    available for alot of musicians today. I do get tired of hearing this is,
    “real country” or shit like that. like the greats of the past, johnny,
    waylon, elvis, their music wasn’t just “country” it was rock it was blues
    it was gospel and most importantly it was just awesome. the only label that
    should ever be placed on music is “good” or “bad”. fuck the labels just
    enjoy it and thank you sturgill simpson for rockin the fuck out. I wonder
    did you ever find a word that rhymed with, bronco?

  20. Ryan clark says:

    I know sturg gave up the drink but you think he still puffs and does
    psychedelics? This is some trippy shit.