Style Theory: Is TikTok Shop the Next Amazon?

Style Theory: Is TikTok Shop the Next Amazon?

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Around Black Friday 2023, TikTok shut down THOUSANDS of small business shops on its platform without warning. Yes, those small TikTok businesses that SarahGrace, HopeScope, Mia Maples, and other creators love to buy from and make haul videos about every week… they’re GONE! It sounds kind of shady and downright disturbing, right? But what if we told you TikTok just saved those small businesses MILLIONS of dollars? Here’s the lowdown on the TikTok Shop scandal…
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Amy Roberts
Editors: Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
#TikTok #TikTokShop #ViralTikTok #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinessOwner #ViralTikToks #Shopping #Scam #Amazon #AmazonPrime #TikTokProducts #Theory #StyleTheory #Matpat

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43 Responses

  1. @StyleTheorists says:

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  2. @thefoxesmind says:

    I’ve been avoiding buying anything from the TikTok shop purely because it was too new and too suspicious. It appealed to me because I’m broke, but I had a bad feeling about it.

  3. @Heyitsmebex says:

    I seriously hope the tiktok shop doesn’t become bigger than it is. I tried to buy a Christmas present for my mom from there and it was such a nightmare. I never got the item I ordered and getting a refund was so difficult for no reason.

    • @NoNo-fu6ld says:

      CCP just wanted your info

    • @nekoqueen5524 says:

      Yeah it’s better to try and go through your bank for refunds in situations like those

    • @eglol says:

      Amazon is just so much more trustworthy and smooth for the most part. Definitely not everything, but it’s been around for longer and they have more stuff figured out.

    • @Karli841 says:

      I had a similar issue too. I ordered 2 weeks ago and it’s still saying it hasn’t shipped yet. Seller did nothing when I asked to cancel the order and they told me to just keep waiting when I asked for a new estimated delivery date. Ended up disputing it with my bank and got a refund that way.

    • @honkaiasuka4330 says:

      Most of the things on tiktok shop are from AliExpress or amazon

  4. @BeingShari says:

    Honestly as a company we tried TikTok shops and it’s so difficult to get going, it’s super janky. The support team sucks. Our legitimate shop among drop shippers confuses customers. The violations are insane, especially when you follow the rules. It’s frustrating.

  5. @UwUTheCommenter. says:

    A battle between Amazon and Tiktok would be an intense one to say the least, and im all here for it.

  6. @Feashis says:

    You see, this is why shopping in person almost always is the way to go

  7. @kaleighbreedlove7159 says:

    This video is a living reminder that when Style Theory was coming out, and we got the hint that is started with an ‘S’ I was dead set on it being “Social Theory”

  8. @daveSoupy says:

    I’m so glad this channel isn’t just how to use makeup or what rugs go with your sofa. These are some of my favorite videos from the 4 channels

  9. @Poopoocat2007 says:

    Amazon vs tiktok. Never thought that would happen

  10. @dogwithoutw says:

    Mattpatt needs to make a video on how we can effectively avoid Shorts and TikTok( or overall things that decrease your attention span. ) like the wallmart video.

    • @MercifulStacia says:

      I definitely need this vid

    • @kyokazuto says:

      avoiding tiktok should be easy, just don’t use it

    • @fourcatsandagarden says:

      All you have to do is not engage with them if you want to avoid them. Its not like there’s any actual NEED to use them, unlike areas where they don’t have a choice but to use Walmart because Walmart drove out all the other grocery stores so you literally have no where else to get food. Food is necessary to stay alive. Videos on the internet are not.

    • @commandercorl1544 says:

      @@fourcatsandagarden Yes, but when I open YouTube, it sometimes forces me into shorts, and then i start scrolling for hours.

    • @iamtired3939 says:

      Youtube shorts is easy to avoid. It’ll mess up yout homepage, but literally just turn off your watch history and you aren’t able to use shorts anymore. Tiktok, just delete the app? Idk i’ve never used it.

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