Styling My Awful Knockoff Merch

Styling My Awful Knockoff Merch


I found the worst Kurtis Conner merch on the internet and I ordered it all. Enjoy!







thanks for watching!

comment “poop skirt” if ur reading this


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30 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    Teespring is just as bad as Redbubble, so many of these merch sites out there that just survive off of stolen artwork

  2. Jenna Embers says:

    I had a shitty day and the end of this video had me crying laughing, thanks Kurtis, appreciate ya!

  3. Allie 0nly says:

    Imagine how intimidating you would be to everyone if you weren’t famous and you walked a round with a full outfit of just your face. I think this is the next trend.

  4. PS1 Hagrid ouf of character says:

    to people who can’t afford official merch: instead of buying knockoffs, thrift a hoodie and diy a fan design for yourself! it’ll be cool and one of a kind!

    • Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce says:

      Yeah! If you can’t diy a fan design for any reason, you can also just print off your design as a patch and iron it on, embroider the artist’s name, or pay to have the name printed on. As long as you’re not stealing art, it’s fine!

    • Defne Belkıs says:


    • Space says:

      And there’s also a good chance it will come out looking better than the knock-off! Cheap prints have a tendency to be dull and stretch / crack after some time

  5. Infamous Sphere says:

    Redbubble’s copyright infringement is…very weird. Like, I’ve seen people out there selling work which is blatantly not theirs – I’m not even talking about sloth drawings, I’m talking about Vermeer and Monet and stuff which is extremely obviously not something you have a license for! AND YET – there’s all this advice about what you’re allowed to upload and sell and what you aren’t. In my case, I did an original illustration that was painted with gouache that was a self-portrait of me sitting at a drawing board with tacked-up paintings of a few characters from Mad Men. That was apparently copyright infringey enough to the good name of Mad Men even though I didn’t label it as Mad Men art and it’s mostly a picture of me and it’s not using official images or artwork of the show and is quite removed from the show but I wasn’t allowed to sell it! AND YET Redbubble apparently has no problem with people selling phone cases with screencaps of Jamie Fraser from Outlander with some quote written over it in cursive writing. Come on, Redbubble!!!!

    • Kaitlyn Cook says:

      Things like Vermeer, Monet, or other works that are 70+ years old are all public domain – no copyright or licensing – so at that point you’re basically paying for the printing service. Museums sell shirts, umbrellas, mugs, and prints of works that aren’t in their collections all the time and haven’t paid any kind of licensing fee. The only copyright that might come up is that the actual high res images are sometimes copyrighted and licensing for those can run $100, but you can get high res images of a lot of these kinds of pieces just off the Met website.

  6. Sarah M. says:

    I think the issue with redbubble is the fact that copyright is so much stricter on some properties than others. As an artist, I see people make disney stuff and it’s taken down immediately, but things like this don’t get taken down.

    • KoalasAreNotBears says:

      Yeah like is it easy for them to find and remove all the stolen stufd???

    • spiritbx1337 says:

      Copyright is as strict as the money involved in making it strict. Disney has ‘fuckyou’ money, and so they can do w/e they want. Meanwhile, us lowly peasants just have to take the loss because we aren’t rich enough to be protected by the law.

    • MeatSticks says:

      Copyright with art is weird

    • yungjoemighty says:

      capitalism is a cancer

    • Camille Pardoe says:

      Yeah, part of it is that it’s a lot harder to prove something is your own when it’s not been officially trademarked like logos or Disney characters. But they should have more people manually going through claims and cross-checking when the original artist posted it vs when it was listed.

  7. 5Artep says:

    This is saddening for me because I am a newbie designer and oldbie photographer and redbubble is the only place I can deliver my photography all over the globe to people who pay for posters, artprints etc.
    I wish they had better policy against stolen designs and art – that is just straight up shitty things and shouldn’t be allowed – but from the few things I personally have from redbubble, the quality was always really good.

    • TheBestGinaThereIs says:

      Have you tried Society6? They’re a very similar site, but I prefer it over redbubble. They do host some stole artworks too, but I think it’s hard to take it down unless the artist specifically is notified about all the different artworks that are on there? (so that the people in charge of what is sold can be told by the artists themselves that it’s stolen)
      Either way, what makes it seem more legit is that quality is top notch in my opinion. I think the website lives off of the quality of the products, so it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for a way to sell art prints or similar things! They sell pretty much anything you can print a photo on lmao

  8. crazysydnee says:

    I work for a company that prints merch and redbubble is one of our biggest clients. I can’t wait to see how many knock off shirts with pictures of Kurtis wearing knock off merch we get lol

  9. Skylar says:

    Kurtis shitting on his fit meanwhile I’m like… okay but he’s still rocking that skirt and looks great in it

  10. Grace P says:

    i bought pink merch right outside of where she was playing at a little stand run by some random dude. the actual merch i was looking at was too expensive so the little stand seemed like the best option. The quality is actually really good and i still have it 4 years later. Lots of the time rip off merch can be horrible, but sometimes it isn’t too bad.

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