Submarine Sandwich by PES

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“Submarine Sandwich” | Written and Directed by PES | Animated by Dillon Markey and PES | Director of Photography: Eric Adkins | Edited by Sam Welch | Produced by Sarah Phelps | Production Design by Hannah Alpert | Sound Design by Sam Welch and PES | Final Audio Mix by Nathan Ruyle | Co-Producer: Gregory Stern | Associate Producers: Michael Z. Gordon | Eric Svenson | Alfredo Tanaka | Corinna Vigier | Fabrication/Prop Alterations by Melissa Bloom | Sub Model Fabrication: Pretty in Plastic | Lead Carpenter: Ben Richards | Additional Set Dressing: Nate Lay | VFX Supervisor: Cam Leeburg | DCP: Chainsaw Edit | Special Thanks: Mark Soares, NIKON, and our 1114 Kickstarter backers | Filmed in Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA

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19 Responses

  1. Heath Raymond says:

    Sharon Hodson, you are an idiot…

  2. SNOREOFF says:

    I miss real YT comments, actuall opinions of people and not that shit that
    is spammed by redditors. 

  3. InteractiveChoice says:

    1min 55 seconds :P

  4. Lipbuzz says:

    Go Sox!

  5. sierra leclerc says:


  6. Joshua Reiniger says:

    Mmmm, roast catcher’s mitt

  7. MrKevinTaing says:

    le reddit army has arrived

  8. time9269 says:


  9. David Gardos says:

    god that was satisfying 

  10. John Doe says:

    one of the stupidest fucking shits i have ever seen in my life

  11. Jason Joseph says:

    Brilliant … shared!!!!

  12. Vince O says:

    Awesome like always.

  13. Emmanuel Pader says:

    So since this is a #Pixilation animation, how many hours of you are in the

  14. Lauren .M says:

    so good, waited so long for this!

  15. zackk zapp says:

    This is the coolest friggin thing I’ve ever seen!

  16. Nicholas Beard says:

    What if Pes made a game? :0

  17. nightmonkey07 says:

    I wish my pillow was nugget.

  18. Talha Khan says:

    Go Floyd!!!!!

  19. Dreaper007 says:

    Wow talent!!