Subscribe To PewDiePie Meme Shutdown, GOT Spoiler Debate, NRA Infighting & Investigation

Subscribe To PewDiePie Meme Shutdown, GOT Spoiler Debate, NRA Infighting & Investigation

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**Note: In our coverage we used an incorrect logo for California Highway Patrol.
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PewDiePie Calls to End “Subscribe to PewDiePie” Meme

Endgame Spoilers VS Game of Thrones Spoilers

Tensions Unfold in NRA Leadership

The Situation in San Diego :

More News Not Included In Show Today:
Apple Defends Removal of Rival Apps:

Fans Slam Tana Mongeau For Asking Artists to Work for Promo:

Russian Agent Maria Butina Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison:

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton
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89 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Follow Me on Instagram, Nerd: Oh and,
    PewDiePie Ends Sub Meme (0:06), Why Spoil GoT and Not Avengers (3:23), TIA (6:03), NRA (7:23), San Diego Synagogue (10:36)

  2. Jakewray says:

    Here in the UK and Europe, there is exactly the same spoiler culture as endgame because it airs at 2am so most people watch it on catch up/vod

  3. Maxmov says:

    10:58, the CHP logo used is actually a San Andreas Highway Patrol badge, from GTA5. Not sure if anyone else noticed!

  4. 1113stve says:

    Thanks for covering the NRA story Phil. A lot of us gun owners are pretty pissed at them, since they’ve been stealing credit from locals winning lawsuits that actually protect gun rights, and then advocate for things like Red Flag laws at the national level. They do nothing except try to protect the gun industry instead of the rights of the gun owners themselves.

  5. Ginny Johnson says:

    “As for the NRA we will remember them in our thoughts and prayers”

  6. Julian Rodriguez says:

    As far as TV vs Movie spoilers go, i definitely agree with the sentiment that “the world and social media becomes this one big theater” as far as TV goes. If you’re working late or for some reason you’re not able to watch Game of Thrones immediately, then you know to be more careful online until you can watch it at your earliest convenience. Movies don’t give you that much control over when/how you watch them.

    With that being said, live discussion is one of my favorite dimensions to watching TV shows like Game of Thrones. Tuning in to the Alt Shift X livestream after last night’s episode really enhances the experience. I’m cognizant enough to not be sharing anything in a place where it could spoil it for someone, but I love the experience that social media brings to watching a show like that.

    • Rowan says:

      In the UK game of thrones come out on Monday. The first thing I saw when I opened Facebook was the list of everyone who died and rage at who killed the NK. It’s fucking hard to be careful on social media. You essentially can’t follow any ‘news’ pages without finding out

    • Ara R says:

      I don’t get what is so difficult about just not going on Facebook or whatever until you watch it. People just can’t help themselves but to spoil or scroll and get things spoiled for them

    • Aurelie Sanhaji says:

      but hbo isnt a service available to every country, what about those who dont have access to the service at all? They cant enjoy it?

  7. Gus Griswald says:

    Honestly just read Felix’s comments. The tone has totally changed. His core fanbase, not casual shitposting memers who want to be edgy, but real dedicated fans have totally stopped. Because we respect him. That’s the thing that gets forgotten in the meme world. Respect. Like you said it will be really hard to call yourself a fan and to continue the meme after he called for the end of it. People who genuinely follow and love Felix for who he is immediately took it well and stopped. They will follow him no matter what. Because Felix is worth it. He always maintains integrity and strength of character and admits when he is wrong, and has an attitude of humbleness that makes his fans unashamed to follow him. He isn’t perfect but he’s a really great example of a good person in this day and age and I don’t know of any one better to be number one on YouTube, especially in today’s world.

    • Michael O Callaghan says:

      +Sophie Auld – I’m 26, so not much younger than Felix. Maybe 2-3 years younger. ?

    • T-Wrecks says:

      Well said, Gus. He is actually a genuinely good person. He doesn’t act fake like so many youtubers or celebrities, he gives his honest opinion, he screws up sometimes, as everybody does, and apologizes and owns his mistakes like a decent person should. That’s why we love him. I don’t know how he deals with all the BS he gets from the media and still puts out videos daily, he deserves a lot better than to be used as a scapegoat for the click-bait media. Love you Felix, you’re my best friend I’ve never met. ?

    • StillRomane says:

      Well I’ve been a 9 yo for years and his genuine personality is one of the reason I keep on following him.

    • Cythil says:

      I think it is good that Felix is taking a more active stance against the bad apples in his community. While he may never intended thing to go the way they did it clear that some where inspired by him and some of his actions have normalized bad behaviour. The danger is that if you do not have a open discussion and just hide away then this subset of bad apples will just get bolder and multiply. As much as a person like Felix may not wish to actually have to deal this this dark side of the community and just try to ignore them when one have such a influence on people one sadly have to take that responsibility. Sometimes we are forced to be responsible and get a chance so.

      I hope he keep making it clear that these sort of actions are not cool. He seem like a cool guy even if he has said some dumb thing at times, but we all have. And I think Felix is up to the task. He is doing the right thing by trying to address the situation.

    • eating sugar no papa says:

      TGAY BAD

  8. Angel Bobadilla says:

    Goku and Frieza teamed up to kill Thanos.
    But in classic Avengers story telling, Nappa came back as a super saiyan 5 and killed everyone.

  9. Quinn Reverance says:

    I live by four general philosophies:

    1. be kind
    2. be fair
    3. be helpful
    4. and don’t be an ass

  10. Amsi says:

    I post movie spoilers on antivaxx pages.

  11. Aritro Roy says:

    People who don’t want spoilers should *BLOCK **#HASHTAGS*

    People who like to spoil stuff should *USE **#HASHTAGS*

  12. Therese Bonnier says:

    I live in Sweden so if I don’t want to get spoilers for shows I always have to stay of ALL social media on the day it airs here since the US have already seen it during the evening/night so I will always wake up to 20 reaction videos with tumbnails and gifs ect. I hate it but I get it since I myself head over to twitter ect to write what I thought about it as soon as I have seen it.

  13. Choppytehbear1337 says:

    How can you spoil Got? You couldn’t see anything in the first place.

    • Spirited Fusion says:

      Choppytehbear1337 my tv was fine I could see fine

    • Kristy Trave says:

      I saw everything just fine. Just watch it when its dark and turn off all the lights.

    • Carlos Delgado says:

      Game of Cunts

    • Engie says:

      Why are people complaining about the lighting? Pretty sure that was done on purpose. I had a lamp on and it was perfectly fine, it was what I’d call a controlled mess, where it’s supposed to be messy and hard to see, but not to the point where everything is unwatchable. That’s what fucking happens when it’s dark as shit

    • Crazy Kobold says:

      +Jacob Davis They shot it this way so that we wouldn’t notice what a disappointing wimp the Night King turned out to be.

  14. iwan bleasdale says:

    There’s no difference, you spoil either you boutta catch these hands

  15. joe skiro says:

    Sup you beautiful bass/carps, here’s a lake, let’s just jump right in.

    Sup you beautiful lass in leotard, here’s a ballet, let’s jump right in.

    Sup you beautiful fast carts, here’s the rainbow road, let’s jump right in

    Idk what I’m doing

  16. Johan Vivier says:

    You spoil my GOT, it will be your Endgame.

  17. Lynevil says:

    Uhhh, not the whole world can watch GOT at the same time *or* even has immediate access to it.

    • Losing 30lbs In A Year says:

      Lynevil it’s not even just that. Not everyone can watch everything so idc if it’s something that aired or came out at the theaters a day ago or a decade ago. If you spoil it, you are an ass.

    • Specialisized says:

      Lynevil some memelord on Instagram totally fucked up episode 3 for me. The douche could not wait a single hour until he had posted some meme about it, and I live in another time zone and HBO did not upload here yet. Total dick move.

    • StillRomane says:

      Specialisized From the moment an episode is released you have to shut down all form of social media until you watch it yourself. You can be sure some asshole will spoil you otherwise ! It happened to me sooo many times ?

    • Mr. Popo says:

      Exactly. He is just saying that Got is easier to access traditionally compared to End game but yeah no one should be spoiling either.

    • Tony Stark says:

      Lynevil we don’t even have HBO where I live so I never watched it ?

  18. Brett Kavanaugh says:

    I haven´t watched endgame cuz it got spoilers

  19. Teddyman says:

    Game of Thrones isnt on live TV all around the world. It comes out at 3am on HBO nordic in Norway, most people wont be able to watch it untill after work/school

    • Cirlex says:

      God I hate those fuckers with no life who watch it in the middle of the night and the next day talks about it expecting everyone to have watched it.

  20. Rami Emad says:

    As a Syrian who have seen much death, torture and loss on the hands of Tyrant Oppressors, Radical Extremists, and Occupation Forces … My thoughts and prayers are for the victims of the San Diego synagogue shooting, Allah Yerhamhum (May Allah have mercy on their souls). All love and respect to the heroes who stood in the face of the terrorist (And by terrorist I mean anyone who kills people, and that is not restricted to a certain background or ideology)

  21. omoqyrsumj says:


  22. cgnidkzugk says:


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