Suez Canal blocked: How to keep ships from running aground | DW News

Suez Canal blocked: How to keep ships from running aground | DW News

The operators of Egypt’s Suez Canal say technical or human error could have caused a huge container ship to run aground. Engineers are working round the clock to refloat the Ever Given. The vessel has been blocking one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes for the last five days. The chairman of the canal authority hopes a dredging operation will free the ship in the next few days.
How did the Ever Given, one of the biggest container ships ever built, end up blocking one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes? And how long will it stay there? The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority is facing more questions than he can answer. But he says more than just strong winds caused the accident.
But while experts investigate further, the ship still has to be freed. 20,000 ton of sand have been removed from the area around the bow, and 9,000 tons of ballast water have been pumped out, in order to lighten the vessel. The operation has so far been unsuccessful – but two more tugs are on their way. If they can’t move it, the next step will be to unload the cargo.
The German insurance group Allianz says the blockage is costing the global economy between 6 and 10 billion dollars a week. A tenth of the world’s merchant shipping uses the canal.


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49 Responses

  1. Hisham Salem says:

    World starts calculating the impact on the economy. Corona virus + evergreen

  2. Sassmate says:

    Ship should be renamed EVERSTUCK

  3. Stranger In the Alps says:

    I can’t wait for the movie about this to come out. Starring Tom Hanks as the excavator operator, he’s a grizzled veteran persuaded to come out of retirement and perform his duties one last time, thereby saving the immigrant kids locked in the containers. Timothee Chalamet guest stars as one of the kids. With Tim Dillon as the comedy relief and driver of the boat

    • TubersAndPotatoes says:

      Or Tom Hanks is the pilot, and the actual ship Captain yells at him ” YOU are the CAPTAIN now !!! “.

    • Sadiya S says:

      yes it can’t be a leonardo dicaprio movie because the ship didn’t sink

    • Denise Passarelli says:

      @d.j. koutsaris amen

    • Kerrilee Lawrence says:

      Mk Ultra mind control slave Programming Continued by Project Paperclip Criminals Saved Given New Identities and Lives To Continue Their Hidden Hand Eugenics Programme and Mk Ultra Mind Control Programming Crimes Against Humanity Here and YOUR TALKING LIKE BRAINWASHED SLAVES . David McGowan Wierd Scenes Inside the Canyon and Programmed to Kill etc and Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips Ex mind control slave to the Leaders of This Earth atm.. The Sheople Will See Everything as a Movie and Be Entertaind by Their Own Fall into Economic Slavery in this Babylon System

    • Abhijeet Krishna says:

      @Debarjun Dutta chutiye pilots were not indians

  4. Tsering Dorjay says:

    Watching this ship show has been like a new web series these days

  5. Julianne Wood says:

    Went from “Ever Given” the goods to “Never Given” those goods! Or never given up!

  6. Margarita Magdalena says:

    0:36 that wall of microphones looks stronger than the French defenses in WW2

  7. Geosync says:

    Someone getting fired for this, even if it was “just the wind”.

  8. toolittoquit says:

    I think the real investigation everyone is curious about, is why are there so many damn microphones? It’s like something out of a cartoon 😅

  9. Zebra Dun says:

    Simple answer?
    The canal is no longer wide enough to handle todays modern shipping.
    There needs to be two canals or a larger canal.

  10. Parizad Sidhwa says:

    “The ships have become bigger but the technology to support them hasn’t caught up ‘“ and also the crew keeps shrinking to keep the cost down.

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