“Suga” Sean O’Malley challenged by Henry Cejudo after Munhoz fight | UFC 276 Post Fight Interview

“Suga” Sean O’Malley challenged by Henry Cejudo after Munhoz fight | UFC 276 Post Fight Interview

BT Sport’s Caroline Pearce speaks to “Suga” Sean O’Malley after his no-decision result against Pedro Munhoz due to an accidental eye poke at UFC 276!

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51 Responses

  1. Steven Parkinson says:

    That camera man deserves a bonus for capturing all of that. Figueirdo’s face was absolutely hilarious.


    Henry came up and everyone was like wtf is he even doing here? Lmao security treated him like an obnoxious fan 😂

  3. AndyPipez says:

    As flashy and loud Sean is. He always stays pretty humble and he’s honest. That’s why I’m a Suga fan.

  4. Liaqat Hussain says:

    He was surprisingly humble and sounds like a nice guy

    • Ethan Fay says:

      @lukaCOOKIE O’Malley literally didn’t get hit once in the head and he checked like 75% of Pedro’s leg kicks the fact the official score card says that is embarrassing.

    • Jason Ransom says:

      @Bin Chilling Crazy thing is I thought the same. Rewatch the fight, and it is surprisingly one-sided until the freak injury. Sean is picking him apart throughout the fight with jabs. I had the fight in a completely different way in my memory.

    • Gage Cee says:

      @lukaCOOKIE I believe Pedro was winning the second round as well.

    • Dark Magician says:

      @Clark Kent 15-1-0

    • Clark Kent says:


  5. Blown says:

    Sean nailed it with the description of Cejudo. “He tries to hard”.

  6. Michael Dolences says:

    Adesayna walked out to undertakers intro and somehow Henry still took the WWE performance of the night

  7. _ZKITTLEZ_ says:

    “Get that little person out of here” 😂💀

    • H says:

      Man stood there blank for 5 seconds trying to think of that😂😂😂. And it wasn’t even that funny to anyone other than his 14 year old nelk fans🤣🤣🤣

    • Kyler Sweet says:

      @Knuckle Sandwich 😂😂😂

    • TegridyFarms says:

      He said something only after the security had him and was gone. Sean don’t want the smoke

  8. coolbyfar says:

    Pedro definitely dove for the technical decision. That eye poke was the most mild one I’ve ever seen. Lost all respect for Pedro.

  9. chris simon says:

    my favorite part was figgy’s reaction

  10. Chilled Nigg4 says:

    that sequence with Cejudo and Figgy’s reaction was so good i thought it was a skit for a sec

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