Sugar Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Kansas State Wildcats | Full Game Highlights

Sugar Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Kansas State Wildcats | Full Game Highlights

Watch highlights of the Allstate Sugar Bowl as the Alabama Crimson Tide defeat the Kansas State Wildcats, 45-20. Bryce Young threw for over 300 YDS and 5 TDs to five different receivers in the win while Deuce Vaughn rushed for 133 YDS in the loss.

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36 Responses

  1. BBJ J says:

    This game went about like I thought it would. I never thought K state had the Jimmy’s and Joe’s to be able to play with Alabama. KState you still had a great year, you just had the misfortune of drawing Alabama in your bowl game.

  2. Kenny Vitale says:

    This is a great exit that will set the tone for next year. Thank you Bama nation.

    • Drifterman319 says:

      Bama nation??? The only people that route for Alabama are r Alabama fans. Everybody else routes for them to lose.
      They are done.

  3. Casey Dangar says:

    Branch had a monster game. I love bryce and he had an amazing game also but I felt like branch should have gotten the map nod. He was in on everything

  4. Rizzo RIZZO says:

    Unfortunate Bryce couldn’t finish his career off with a tiny but man what a way to finish it up. What a treat it was to watch him play in Tuscaloosa.

    • Flanxxed says:

      @Sandman you’re team lost didn’t they

    • Paul Robinson says:

      @Sandman Your Mom needs to be smacked for not coat hangering you to save the world from your stupidity.

    • Dylan Cole says:

      @MAS so? Lol there’s not 1 QB ever that hasn’t thrown an INT that I know of. Int will happen if your qb. The ole saying “you’ll have that” abides to anything. But throwing an INT as a qb you’ll have that. Doesn’t take away the fact he won the heisman

    • MAS says:

      Interception in the end zone.

    • MAS says:

      ​ @Dylan Cole LOL. Who threw the interception against LSU that at the very least prevented the kicker from attempting a FG? Only 1 person on the planet.
      AL’s kicker was 17-0 inside the 30 yd in his 4 yrs at the school.

      Who threw the pic 6 against GA when Bama was driving, down 7.

      Right, Bryce.

  5. SomeAlabamaFan says:

    This was Bama stating “we should be in the playoffs”

  6. Kim Buie says:

    Hog Fan here. Every college player in this country could learn a few things about being men when it comes to the team concept. Kudos to Bryce Young and Will Anderson and any others who finish with the team. ROLL TIDE!

  7. Franklin Emerson says:

    Roll Tide!!!! 🐘🐘🐘🎉🎉🎉🎉 2022 sugar bowl champs!

  8. Bill W says:

    From a Tennessee fan, GREAT JOB ‘BAMA! You and the Big Orange are proof, AGAIN, why the SEC is the premier conference!

  9. Eric Linder says:

    Alabama looked like it totally anticipated that onside kick from the Wildcats to start the second half.

  10. Bird’sEyeView says:

    the play that changed the game was the td by burton at the end of the 1st half . kansas st had atleast 9 minutes.. alabama had 55 seconds 😅

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