Suicide Squad – HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

Suicide Squad – HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

Daniel shares his thoughts on the on the highly anticipated Suicide Squad. There are spoilers here. Beware of your viewing and comment section scrolling!

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20 Responses

  1. Sulieman Jadallah says:

    if i was the crock and they gave me a ps4 with some games and a bed i would
    never kill anymore of the guards again

  2. rafael santiago says:

    The best part was the new dead shot rap lmao

  3. Legit tuber1414 says:

    I really liked suicide squad

  4. Reno Goddard-Kawiti says:

    That is exactly how I felt about everything

  5. Michael McCarthy says:


  6. FreedomToOne says:

    I personally loved the movie, it brought some of my favorite villains from
    DC together to fight an enemy: Who wouldn’t love that. Obviously, that’s my
    opinion but I do hope others feel the same. I do hope that we can see more
    following The Joker and Harley Quine. It would probably make a good movie.
    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Again. Just kidding.

  7. jérémy Plante says:

    Dude I completely agree with you about everything in this review and it’s
    totally true. My expectation vs what this movie is really about. And for
    those who didn’t see the movie it’s good but not as good as expected so
    don’t watch it with the intention of watching the movie of the year cause
    it’s not !!

  8. mAni says:

    I am a big lover of DC animated movies, so was super hyped for Suicide

    this movie was pretty disappointing for me. Jared Leto as joker was the
    most weird thing for me. He was just trying too hard and he was doing a
    good job as a crazy person but not as the joker.

    Overall an ok movie but bad screenplay and bad joker.

    Not gonna lie though…. the new Batman is kickass

  9. zarbran says:

    I love your reviews

  10. Clyve Lagerquist says:

    If it had to end with the prisoner status being upset, it should’ve been
    henchman busting in to free Harley, with no Joker reveal, that could come
    in later in a subsequent movie as another one of his sadistic jokes with
    her, which is how their relationship should work. Instead of him pulling
    the mask off and then they kiss like high schoolers separated by a single
    class period, it shold’ve just been a henchman saying we’re here to break
    you out, no mention of joker, and then her glancing to the coffee machine
    and asking if she can bring it along.

    Also, did anyone else think it was weird that every just totally accepted
    Katana had a magic sword that could trap souls? And the confirmation that
    souls exist? The fuck?

    More also, did anyone else think that the evil henchman being turned into
    inhuman blob creature things made it LESS necessary that SS be on this
    mission? Like, aren’t they the ones you send in when there are real people
    that need killing, where say the Justice League would refuse to kill them?

  11. dboymax1 says:

    Will we get a n animated HISHE for Suicide Squad then?

  12. Iron Man says:

    I love Leto’s joker. Can’t wait to see him in the stand alone batfleck

  13. User 708 says:

    Did you know that most of the joker scenes were cut from the movie

  14. Rob Ski says:

    I think Waller is really the main bad guy in the movie. It’s really her
    fault all that stuff happens. And I think the point of this is to setup
    something bigger in the DC movie universe.

  15. Jay Jeckel says:

    How it should have ended?The real Joker should have showed up and killed
    that wannabe juggaloker imposter.

  16. My Name says:

    Please Please Please make a suicide squad HISHE!!

  17. mike lee says:

    Suicide Squad How It Should Have Ended Now!

  18. MariaPompeo says:

    I absolutely HATED the Joker in suicide squad. HATED IT!

  19. Ben Smilowitz says:

    Harlequin was the best part of the movie

  20. Jrion says:

    The movie sucked ass, fuck Suicide Squad.