SUICIDE SQUAD – Official Final Trailer (2016) DC Superhero Movie HD

SUICIDE SQUAD – Official Final Trailer (2016) DC Superhero Movie HD

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20 Responses

  1. drew Kennan says:

    all comic book companies need to take time and make something beautiful
    rather than rushing shit into film fuck. lex Luther isn’t fixable and this
    version of the joker is worse. soon marvel will be in the same boat as dc
    because of rushing

  2. Son Le says:

    i like the vibe

  3. Chris E FLores says:

    Looks promising.

  4. AugustoDRA says:

    Aww DC, don’t act like we don’t know what you’re doing. Playing Queen in
    the background trying to appeal to your edgy 15 year old audience.

  5. SimplyBananasTV says:

    THE FINAL TRAILER!! I literally screamed at the top of my lungs because I
    am beyond excited to see this movie in theaters!! I’m going to be the
    happiest person in the theater and every time Harley is on screen I will
    have the urge to scream, “FUCK IT UP HARLEY, FUCK IT UP!!”

  6. dcboot says:


  7. PancadaPls says:

    All these people commenting like they’ve seen the movie already. For real
    would y’all shut the hell up?

  8. Levi Torres says:

    Wow. That’s some woman☹️

  9. mohammad kassar says:

    I’m guessing joker stole the batmobile

  10. U wot m8 says:

    Why under every Suicide Squad related video I see in the comments there’s
    always guys saying: I have a feeling this might be bad, please be good
    please be good. Just say that you want to see this movie fail, just say it.

  11. CoMan77 Osorio says:

    So this is a movie based on the “Clown prince of crime”? The Joker?! No way

  12. Kenneth Satria says:

    I hope Killer Croc will be a badass in this movie

  13. Dat ducks On quack says:

    I’ve already seen this movie and it was so good!!

  14. julian vargas (The Lazy Gamer) says:

    HA DC “Superhero” movie ok yeah sure

  15. nick howell says:

    One of the bad guys is holding a stop sign…00:24
    Well then…

  16. Tyrone Biggums says:

    After all this Hype and it’s rated PG-13.. tha fuck?

  17. deadboy600 says:

    Hollywood is so fucking lame these days. All they have is gay cartoons and
    retarded comic book bullshit. Adults like movies too. We dont want to see
    this childish, immature, brainless, over-computer generated horse shit.

  18. Sayian Gamer says:

    Who hyped

  19. Dakota Hazel says:

    This movie been announced for years and marvel fanboys are just now
    bitching about it being PG-13 ?????

  20. SuperMem es says:

    Batman car ???? o.o