SUICIDE SQUAD – Official ‘Harley Quinn’ Trailer (2016) DC Superhero Movie HD

SUICIDE SQUAD – Official ‘Harley Quinn’ Trailer (2016) DC Superhero Movie HD

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20 Responses

  1. Clorox Bleach says:

    If she had a bigger ass

  2. Gesù Di Nazareth says:

    0:50 pure love <3

  3. archfiendbaramos says:

    Harley Quinn looks good, but how freakin’ badass does Katana look in this,
    too? Looking forward to the rest of the trailers.

  4. Dmitri Lessy says:

    stay evil

  5. Speedy Gunz says:

    I hope the movie isn’t as cringy as her licking the bars. Enough with
    character’s licking shit! No one does that!! She would be spitting the bad
    taste of metal and body oils after she did that.

  6. Jules J says:

    i must confess that im so much excited about this movie just for Harley
    Quinn and im not lesbian …

  7. Wittle Kitten says:


  8. Ernesto Gutierrez says:


  9. Lenka says:

    “STAY EVIL, DOLLFACE” i ship it so hard

  10. lutherheadfan says:


  11. godlessandlovingit says:

    needs more of a jersey accent. lol

  12. Sound Logic says:

    Lmfao joker’s laugh in this clip is pure hilarity. God I can’t wait for
    this movie.

  13. SuperJ Gaming says:

    Crocs looking at that ass

  14. nixwjack says:

    Is the Harley working for the Joker undercover like in Assault on Arkham?
    We know eventually she is with Joker in his car in the movie, but I like
    all the things they’ve taken from the comics and the Assault on Arkham

  15. marZ says:


  16. David Rojas says:

    0:50 yam yam!

  17. alejandro esteban romero cardona says:

    Name of the song???

  18. Zach Solema says:

    Omg ?

  19. Citlalitl Peralta says:

    Is so cute when deadshot says “stay evil doll face”

  20. JUBILEU EATH says: