Suicide Squad Sales Pitch

Suicide Squad Sales Pitch

So I saw Suicide Squad twice and I had feelings about Amanda Waller

Spoilers btw

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20 Responses

  1. FacePaintedClown says:

    You cant trust a bitches opinion on anything.

  2. Abraham Rodríguez says:


  3. Remakes Stone says:

    Well, Your glasses are nice :v

  4. Mark Rof says:

    ….and that is exactly the movie in a nutshell, good job girls , i know
    its 1

  5. WolfDeathCaster says:

    marry me?

  6. batman says:


  7. Alex Lee says:


  8. Sean Tulien says:

    Look at all these mad little boys acting out because of a manchild-like
    obsession. You idiots are the reason studios keep putting out shitty
    adaptations. It’s you’re own fault for defending garbage fire scripts.
    This video, and Jenny, are hilarious and spot on.

  9. Ramkrishna Kumar says:

    leave it to them who know the motivation of Amanda and enjoy the movie.

  10. prez cahn says:

    oh God a hater just call this a rant vid

  11. There's a 2020 election says:

    You look like Laci Green with those glasses. Sorry for the insult.

  12. Kyle Landry says:

    As someone who has read the comics and understands why some of your
    “points” werent accurate, great video, was still hilarious. The movie did a
    shit job of explaining these things “you didnt read the comics” is not an

  13. Scary Terry says:

    This is just.. not funny…

  14. jimmy adams says:

    Omg! I never comment on anything! But you had me belly laughing! Thank you.

  15. Red Leader says:

    Dry humor, i lile that.

  16. Osvaldo Castanon says:

    I really hate this girl’s voice.

  17. FungSoBruva says:

    That was perfect. You nailed it!!

  18. film79 says:

    Great video! Guess I just spoiled a bunch of it but lets be honest I was
    never going to get around to watching that shit anyway. And don’t bitch at
    me I am a DC fanboy, I just happen to be a fan of DC comics well DC comic
    from a while ago.

  19. Literally Paul says:

    Thought this was pretty funny and maybe I’ll subscribe but then clicked on
    next video where she was cleaning MLPs. :(

  20. Christopher Carrasco says:

    Please make a series out of this. This could be the new honest trailers or
    everything wrong with.