Sumeru Promotional Video|Genshin Impact

Sumeru Promotional Video|Genshin Impact

Appearing Characters:
Traveler – Aether

Nahida – Kimberley Anne Campbell

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31 Responses

  1. CreeperLuke says:

    I would watch 10 seasons of Genshin anime, Hoyoverse story team and visuals is just that good.

    • Listin081 says:

      @Some Guy I want a Japanese animation studio to produce it, becoz their work is really amazing

    • Listin081 says:

      @chorvaqueen Actually it’s not because money go to the seiyuu, because many foreign people (except Japanese ) use illegal sites to watch anime for free. That’s the biggest factor.

    • Hercules Burgess says:

      @Vinicius Monteiro It not the real mihiyo company just a guy that has that name. & it a bot to get wanted attention just ingore it

    • Hercules Burgess says:

      @Asmoda Dont worry I reported her channel & video^^

    • Seki says:

      @RandomDreamer + Genshin OVAs for limited events.

      But seriously, these games tell tragic stories too much. Idk how many tissues I need to wipe my tears if they turn them all to animes.

  2. Emily Clarke says:

    imagine when the game is finished they make a whole anime like movie for us to rewatch our adventures with everyone

  3. I have no dogs says:

    “I’m just the moon, the real sun is long gone”
    How sad, pretty, and amazing this is. 😭🥺

  4. Kathy Kane says:

    0:31 I’m really jealous of Dottore’s art skills, but jokes aside, the last scene looks amazing, with the fire reflecting in Aether’s eyes and everything.

  5. Sonia’s Way says:

    “The real sun is long gone”
    I felt chills with that line. Really tells what happened with the archon

  6. Odo Kentang says:

    this ending connected with last harbringer video. HYPE IS REAL !!

  7. Hannasandwitch says:

    “I’m just the moon, the real sun is long gone”

    Interesting how kusanali and ei l feel that they fall short of their predecessor archons and have some insecurity. It really brings into light the dilemma new archons go through. I wonder if this will be consistent with the other new archons.

  8. Aviencloud says:

    The anime: Genshin Impact. Make it happen, can’t wait! :3

  9. Zara M says:

    I love this so much i just wish i could see Lumine in thus style too since almost every promotional videos revolve around Aether as the traveler
    I would watch a whole anime based on genshin lore It’s so beautiful

  10. Ольга Лосева says:

    Ужас как красиво 😍😍
    Стиль просто шик, жаль нет версии с люмин ну, это не кретично

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