Summer Walker – Ex For A Reason (ft. JT From City Girls) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker – Ex For A Reason (ft. JT From City Girls) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker – Ex For A Reason (Ft. JT From City Girls)
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Music video by Summer Walker, City Girls performing Ex For A Reason. © 2021 LVRN/Interscope Records

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25 Responses

  1. Missgelliemae says:

    Izzaaa BOP🥵😍😈😈😈😈

  2. IVY says:

    Yassssss 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Black Girl With Social Anxiety says:

    Even though it’s not what we where expecting this is still a cute summer vibes bop! JT and Summer looked so cute too 🥰

  4. Love Ada says:

    Summer is just stunning & she doesn’t miss, ever. Every woman in there looks beautiful! Ikdr!!!

  5. Jessica Vee W says:

    Ahhhh im so geeked about this video and song…its giving late 90s early 2000s summer time vibes…and I love seeing the ladies live their best lives and D’erraaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. Raheem D says:

    Oooh, it’s a new sound from her and it’s good. We need more upbeat R&B songs!

  7. Pitts Twins says:

    Yesss can’t wait for the album 😍❤️

  8. Nikachu says:

    I’ll be bopping to this all Fall! She sounds like an Angel

  9. Ari Lennox says:

    ATE 😍

  10. Marquaysa Battle says:

    Folks really went in on this song for no reason. It was an unexpected record but it’s actually a dope ass song. A fun lil’ bop. Still very ready for this album. Also, I gotta get this offff: Summer had dope records before she had a ****** on a track and I expect she’ll continue to do so, no matter what this album’s outcome is. Imagine how insulting it is to really be quite good at your craft and the moment folks hear one song they don’t love, they basically say you can’t do your craft without the man who you deem to be unhealthy for you personally. That must be quite a battle. I hope she’s taking things in stride and being gentle with herself. Support the good sis and give her music room to breathe.

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