Summer Walker – Girls Need Love Remix (with Drake)

Summer Walker – Girls Need Love Remix (with Drake)

Summer Walker – Girls Need Love Remix (with Drake)
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75 Responses

  1. Loide Muhuura says:

    “You just need some d with no complications” .. ?

    *removes shades* ????

  2. Aitzel says:


  3. Atuu Kaura says:

    Bryson tiller would of made it lit though??

  4. Queenv Yasii? says:

    Drake should’ve made his own remix bro???

  5. young musician in process says:

    “Pleasure aint meant for one side” i felt that

  6. ENCOUNTER N.T.Y says:

    DDDRAAAAKKKKEE *Soujaa boys voice**

  7. Shai Allen says:

    Drake better come through with the 09 flow

  8. killa sk says:

    Yes this is the drake we need…the emotional drake is the best…this is giving me 2013- 2014 drake vibes ?

  9. Anthony Jones says:

    Drake is the official G.O.A.T. No cap ?

  10. Marcus Riley says:

    Amazing song, imagine a crazy Prince like guitar solo riding out in the outro, I’m about to remix this with some guitar

  11. chr isty says:

    ??she really boutta blow up now

  12. LaTeia Deiónn says:

    Partynextdoor would be perfect for this remix

  13. To What's Amazing says:

    Drake sounded like he was uncomfortable saying the word “Dick”

  14. Andrea says:

    bruh this was too real too be true, i deadass thought it was fake ?

  15. Taco Xx says:


    (Like this if ya understood this ?)

  16. S. says:

    I don’t know why I thought Drake was gonna rap ??

  17. Derrick Malone says:

    Who else reading the comments while listening to this masterpiece??

  18. Kim Jynee says:

    one second into drake’s verse and he sounds so SMOOTH oh wow

  19. Lamine Diallo says:

    Summer and SZA need a song together now to avoid the comparisons

  20. AndreOnBeat says:

    There is more Take Care vibes in this 3 minutes and 40 seconds than on whole Scorpion album

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