Summer Walker, SZA, & Cardi B – No Love (Extended Version) [Official Video]

Summer Walker, SZA, & Cardi B – No Love (Extended Version) [Official Video]

Summer Walker, SZA, & Cardi B – No Love (Extended Version)
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‘Still Over It’ Out Now:
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#SummerWalker #SZA #CardiB #NoLoveExtended

Music video by Summer Walker performing No Love (Extended Version). © 2022 LVRN/Interscope Records

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48 Responses

  1. SlayedBy Jordan says:

    It’s SZA for me 😩😍🔥

  2. Sassy Diva says:

    🥰🥲 The visuals, aesthetic, creativity, dance segment and looks served .. this gave everything it was supposed to give and more. This was so worth the wait. Cardi B was a great addition as well 😍

    • Star seed says:

      @K Q how is she speaking facts.? She’s speaking from a opinion. You can’t assume other people don’t like cardi part just because you don’t. What doesn’t sound good to you, will sound good to the next. Quit tryna force your opinion on other people. People are allowed to love cardi part. Who are you to say they shouldn’t?

    • Star seed says:

      @Ventricity exactly 🤣 they stayed up to watch the song. Lol

    • K Q says:

      @Miss Era it’s facts that she had auto tune yes or no ? , move along 😩.

    • Miss Era says:

      @K Q It’s Not Facts When Opinions Are Involved

    • Niokia Johnson says:

      U don’t know real SINGING then.🤣😂

  3. Daniel Elias says:

    que orgulho da summer ter um clipe assim na carreira. ela merece demais

  4. DorkyCabello says:

    3 Queens in one single video, what more can someone ask for?

  5. Young Orange says:

    Summer walker inspired me to go all in with my music because she was once just like me, an artist trying to get heard. And now shes on top. I believe it will happen for me one day, Im not stopping when it does! 💥

  6. Coach Shenae says:

    This video was EVERYTHING! 😳👏🏾 Cardi definitely stepped out of her comfort zone and gave the girls some vocals and she was right in her pocket! She wasn’t trying to sound like nobody but herself. Szaaa lol… she ate! Them on that split mirror floor did it for me!! Just beautiful 😍 Summer was just… whew! Loved the choreography and the walk away after was epic! This video displayed so much beauty, excellence, and talent. I’m happy for them 😊♥️

    • IndiLoSpeakin says:

      Liar 😂😂😂

    • K Q says:

      @Chyna Whyte y’all love to bring the fact about “ if u don’t like her”, who said anything about me not fucking with her music ? , cardi got better songs out there , this one not it since it’s hella auto tuned, that’s not me hating on her it’s me giving an opinion love respectfully 🤣.

    • K Q says:

      @Jas Jones I definitely will cause the original be hitting 😅👏🏻

    • Chyna Whyte says:

      @K Q you can’t possible be mad at me or anyone else for liking her and or her music!! If you don’t then fine but we not gonna debate on what I like!! I just feel like if you don’t like her you shouldn’t be listening to nothing she’s on respectfully!!

    • Jas Jones says:

      @Chyna Whyte ignore them the same comments are coming from the SAME SQUAD! Lol everyone on twitter been praising this song except for the squad that Stan’s the other menopaused rapper.

  7. Sasha Walker says:

    They better stop sleeping on this woman ….she’s most definitely coming out of her shell and giving the people what they said she would never give…who look stupid now?? Get it Summer girl we see you 🤗😘♥️♥️

  8. Daniel Malheiro says:

    Tão orgulhoso da Summer por ela ta dançando e aparecendo mais, PISA MÃE!

  9. VelvetRaynex says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t expect Cardi to open the song with VOCALS?! I KNOW THATS RIGHT. These women are some of the biggest faces in music right now and I’m here for it.

  10. cat clown says:

    So so proud to see Summer grow into this even better version of herself. You deserve all the good things G!!

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