Summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts

Summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts

An eruption from the Kilauea volcano’s summit shot ash and smoke into the air on Hawaii’s Big Island, and the resulting plume is expected to cover the surrounding area, according to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

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107 Responses

  1. _Star_27_ says:

    1rd comment

  2. Sandra Weilbrenner says:

    Prayers for hawaii

  3. The Talented Mr Ridley says:

    So this is a video about a volcano erupting and most people are talking about politics? What a world we live in.

    • OUdaveguy says:

      Everyone’s complaining about CNN and politics and I’m just sitting here wondering why Stormy Daniels’ lawyer wasn’t given any airtime to explain his take on the eruption.

    • The Talented Mr Ridley says:

      Juliet G. It’s true and very sad. Then again I wouldn’t expect to find constructive political commentary in a place where it has zero relevance.

    • Trician Makom says:

      The Talented Mr Ridley i can’t see any difference. Politics means the way we live the life and how we resolve the issues oftnis life.

    • supersizemebitch says:

      +The Talented Mr Ridley It is the world that CNN has created you idiot

    • The Talented Mr Ridley says:

      Trician Makom
      I can see that, but really this eruption has nothing to do with Trump or Obama, which a lot of the comments seem to be about.

  4. Mike Gould says:

    Evacuate before it’s too late. When it blows, it’s not like you can drive away from it.

  5. Pierre Ferrand says:

    It’s starting to look as if they have no evacuation plan. If so why are they waiting to last final second??

  6. peter morelli says:

    That volcano is racist . It only targets hawaiians

  7. Lodewijk Vrije says:

    “how about those people on hawaii, who build their homes next to an active volcano. and then wonder why there is lava in the living room!”

    • Joe Flabenowitz says:

      Harry cuntheim- fucking idiot

    • Joe Flabenowitz says:

      Nivola- stfu.

    • Gavin Starr says:

      Lodewijk Vrije, most people don’t live in constant fear of the world around them. People choose to live where they want, it’s not out of ignorance. They know full well where the fuck they’re at. Floridians know about hurricanes, Caliafornians know about earthquakes, and midwesterners are well aware that they may be living next door to a tweeker or two. It’s life bro, enjoy it and shut your cake hole.

    • Nathan Keel says:

      Lodewijk Vrije you’re a shitty person

    • Dr. Gravity says:

      Lodewijk Vrije I fucking love you. I was thinking about George Carlin while watching this.

  8. Artem Morozov says:

    Ms. Keihanaikukauakahihulihe’ekahaunaele be safe there

    • Azura Moonstar says:

      for those who don’t get it, there is a women in hawaii who’s name doesn’t fit on her ID there was a news piece about her i forget the details.

    • Mr.Tweezy007 says:

      MW S shut up stupid german

    • ColbyUchiha says:

      Artem Morozov wtf lol

    • Hawk Horus says:

      Artem Morozov That’s racist cultural appropriation…Be careful the lberal terrorists WILL get you…

    • Artem Morozov says:

      Hawk Horus Calling someone whos last name is not Smith or John is racist now? Lets just dump all of last names and convert it to plain numbers and yes, do not give 0000001-1000000 to white people or libtards will say that its racist to give first numbers to white people

  9. sfragolas says:

    god damn Scott McLean can get it

  10. TheDesertRoseRanch says:

    …and President Trump has been blamed for this latest eruption….LOL

  11. iBeenJamin' says:

    This is a video about a volcano erupting, posing danger for all citizens of an American State. We don’t need to bring up politics here. What matters is that we keep these people in our thoughts or prayers, whatever we believe, whatever “side” we take. These are humans in danger and they need our support.

  12. Mario Tovar says:

    Dude, Please no FAKE news, praying for Hawaiian People.

  13. H.O. U says:

    >bringing politics and religion into a volcanic eruption

  14. Th3 Awesom3 Pikachu says:

    What does this politically have to do with anything, people arguing over politics in the comments. Smh so primitive

    • The Starman says:

      Th3 Awesom3 Pikachu how dare you! Trump and Obama obviously staged the volcano to hold off terrorist attacks. You’re a primitive woman! Now excuse me.. I need to go kill myself while watching a ali A video

    • iSevenWonders says:

      no u

  15. Alex Huite says:

    Scott is pretty cute.

  16. Reece Campten Myers says:

    Im glad it exploded. I couldn’t let my load in any much longer.

  17. JOSEJR1342 says:

    Look what liberals caused

  18. Turner S says:

    How dumb do you have to be to decide to live on a volcano then act surprised when it erupts?

  19. HLG Solaire says:

    Welp, looks like thats one star off the flag.

  20. Yakka says:

    Send the Squirtle squad

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