Suni Lee goes HUGE on the uneven bars with 15.300 routine | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Suni Lee goes HUGE on the uneven bars with 15.300 routine | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

In need of a big routine to keep pace with Rebeca Andrade in the Olympic individual all-around final, Suni Lee did her thing on the uneven bars, earning a huge 15.300. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Gymnastics
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12 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams (with a maximum of five athletes per team) compete in the Olympic artistic gymnastics competition.

In addition, 76 individual competitors (38 men and 38 women) from other countries may compete, for a maximum of 98 men and 98 women. Competitors must turn 16 by Dec. 31, 2016.

Over four phases of competition, fourteen gold medals will be awarded.

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Suni Lee goes HUGE on the uneven bars with 15.300 routine | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

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34 Responses

  1. Andy Alexis Vasquez says:

    Man I knew she would take it ! USA USA USA 🇺🇸

  2. RayaRay says:

    That’s called seizing an opportunity and running with it! So proud of her and I’m SO happy for her and her family.

    • M_A_R_K_23 says:

      @Blue Flu you drunk lol but she’s great

    • The Chard N Nay Show says:

      @Blue Flu simone literally ranked number one in the prequalifying events despite all her mistakes because the level of difficulty of her routines are so much higher than her competitors. I’m glad Lee won gold, but you’re reaching.

    • The Chard N Nay Show says:

      @tecitus she definitely siezed the opportunity, because there is reasonable chance she may not have won gold in the individual competition if Simone regrouped and actually competed. After all, simone still ranked number one in the qualifying round despite all her mistakes.

    • FlyHigh5 says:

      Lol how do you get fake thumbs up count? Really lmao!

  3. Sova Tao says:

    You’ve done well and made everyone proud especially out Hmong community.

  4. Shray says:

    I knew she’d win gold after that AMAZING vault. For one of her worse events she truly did AMAZING

  5. James Maxson says:

    she knew she had to go for that first connection. so unbelievably proud of her. she absolutely came to Tokyo and HIT

  6. Idk says:

    I’m always on edge for her bar routines because they are SO RISKY but honestly that’s what I like about them. Especially with this one, it took some real strength to save that.

  7. Jessie Jones says:

    That’s the best thing ever to put her out there. She’s answered the call with that stellar training and coaching , she was bound to deliver the gold. Well done Suni.

  8. Allison Mathieu says:

    I’m glad to see her representing America! Another win for the USA!

  9. Bobby Moss says:

    Suni Lee wins gold in Tokyo Olympics gymnastics all-around competition.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Fantastic performance by Suni Lee! She 100% seized her opportunity and deserved the Gold.

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