SUPER BOWL COSTING PENALTY: Why did Joseph Ossai do this? Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cincinnati Bengals

SUPER BOWL COSTING PENALTY: Why did Joseph Ossai do this? Kansas City Chiefs Vs Cincinnati Bengals

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40 Responses

  1. elnino navid says:

    The most interesting thing to me is that Ossai was having a fantastic game, even got a shout out from the officiating crew for his excellent play.

  2. Jearrod Fountain says:

    Chiefs fan here but if you’ve ever seen the light in ossai’s eyes when he smiles you know the gravity he has. To see him like this for a mistake he so clearly made even while in a tight game against my own team hurt.

    Young dude better be holding his head high the next he’s on the screen because the team follows suit. He’s got a bright future and years to develop things like this. As long as he doesn’t lose that joy he brings he’ll help them to at least 1 or 2 chips I can promise you that

  3. NJJIBBER says:

    Great game. This play will haunt Ossai forever.

    • Hayduan says:

      @vince edwards It’s incredibly obvious either he tore his ACL or another major ligament in his knee. How am I a POS?😂 You’re weird

    • Steve Floyd says:

      @M M Chiefs will win. They’re not chokers like the BENGALS.

    • M M says:

      @john martin Be quiet. Go talk down to someone else with your semantics.

    • Manic says:

      @Chris Youngum that cost him a lot of money. Plus he tore his knee up. Lol that guy can’t stop taking Ls.

    • Cayenne Captain says:

      @Ursula Wanza did you watch the game he was crying his eyes out on the sidelines and not one player came to console him they just left him alone for like 30 mins the camera kept zooming in on him lol . I felt bad but then I didn’t cause the play was so dumb.

  4. john martin says:

    I felt really bad for the 49ers, but this takes the cake.

  5. The Bunsen Burner says:

    As a bengals fan I’m of course disappointed over the loss but I hope this guy doesn’t get harshly criticized because it’s important to note that you win as a team and loss as a team but it was still a great game by both teams.

  6. Domingo King says:

    Been watching ossai since HS and while at Texas. He’s a real good kid. Made a mistake but I also know any of his teammates will say the game shouldn’t have come down to a penalty or one play.

    • Cayenne Captain says:

      Yeah I hated how his teammates just left him alone to cry on the bench even after the game was over not one teammate went to console him they just totally abandoned him. Even when he got injured they just left him alone. Only one person from the coaching staff went to comfort him the whole time.

    • ThePeoplesChamp says:

      @moysonite Bro, Pat was clearly out of bounds. Lets stop making excuses for that dumb penalty.

    • Daniel Nguyen says:

      The game did come down to that one play, or did you not watch the game?

    • Baseball Worldwide says:

      Or they should’ve called holding on the chiefs

    • moysonite says:

      If you look at the different angles, Mahomes only fell because their ankles collided. He was tripped. Yeah, he was touching his jersey above the waistline but that wasn’t why he fell. I don’t get how nobody is noticing this.

  7. GT500 says:

    Damn I felt so bad for him, he was sitting and crying his heart out for like 5 minutes.

  8. Cubertral says:

    Now just imagine if they called that obvious hold and the penalties negate. The chiefs would need another play to get in good range.

  9. Austin Dixon says:

    i think as spectators, we don’t know how fast the game is… it’s easy to say how the hell could he do this but everything is happening so fast… imo

    • Lucius Andrellius says:

      @Topsy KrettsI think it was not intentional. He probably acted instinctively as he lost his own footing and didn’t mean to shove the QB. More like he was trying to break his own fall. That penalty was a weak call. They act like QBs are made of glass these days. I’m not even a Bengals fan either but these weak calls are ruining the game of football.

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      @nascar fan 88 dumb take. I’m making a bold guess that he’s not a professional actor who knows how to fake cry that well.

    • Topsy Kretts says:

      Mahomes was clearly running out of bounds and was already out before being pushed by Ossai. Ossai even extended his arms and initiated contact so you can’t say it happened really fast and was unintentional. The push was intentional and a bad mistake by Ossai.

    • J P says:

      Nah he extended his arm after he made contact. A bunch of football players are there for their bodies and not their brains and you get many plays similar to this where these boneheads do something a little extra when they shouldn’t.

    • Nclght says:

      @nascar fan 88 and I bet you feel the WWE is real. 🤣 Actually Nascar is as scripted as it gets.

  10. theone says:

    His teammates just looked at him after the hit lol

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