Super Bowl Edition | Dude Perfect

Super Bowl Edition | Dude Perfect

Odell Beckham + Dude Perfect = FUN
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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Jung says:

    Film with SB 49 MVP Tom Brady 

  2. Luuk Van Beusichem says:

    Dude perfect darts?

  3. john paul hardin says:

    Should’ve interviewed gronkowski, best tight end in the league 

  4. tuplaww says:

    Denver Outlaws and John Grant Jr. 

  5. Jeffrey Côté says:

    A movie soon?

  6. Logan McCallum says:

    Danny Macaskill should be your next guest star. Check out the video for
    Imaginate Danny Macaskill. This guy is right up your alley, he does on a
    bike what you guys do making shots. 

  7. 318ironhide says:


  8. JPEgan22 says:

    Bill should have referenced Revis Island

  9. Preben Andreassen says:

    You should film with Luis Suarez next

  10. TheRock says:

    I think you should do Alexander Ovechkin next ! 

  11. Tyler Benoit says:

    Stephen Curry 

  12. Drew Terrell says:

    Chipper Jones!

  13. Max Day says:

    Obj is my lawyers nephew

  14. Dobře Ty Luke says:

    Waw Waw waw ooooou very super 🙂 😀 thanks for your videos :)

  15. Jeremy Ruskin says:

    tom brady

  16. Dryden Gonsalves says:

    Tom Brady 

  17. matt harrison says:

    make a video with drew brees 

  18. Kameron Ali says:

    Film with Julio jones from the Atlanta Falcons 

  19. Ytsuuka says:


  20. Dennis Riley Somers says:

    You guys really need to do one with a famous MLS player, like Jermaine
    Jones, Steven Gerrard, Lee Nguyen, Robbie Keane, Nick Rimando, or even a
    USNMT player like Clint Dempsey, DeAndre Yedlin, or even Tim Howard!