Super Bowl Shut Down Cold Open -Saturday Night Live

Super Bowl Shut Down Cold Open -Saturday Night Live

Seattle Seahawks players Richard Sherman (Jay Pharoah) and Marshawn Lynch (Kenan Thompson) discuss Deflate Gate and interview Coach Pete Carroll (Taran Killam).

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15 Responses

  1. hatman94 says:

    first comment… shout out to skittles

  2. Kaylee Yee says:


  3. frankdatank12 says:

    “you call that the biggest snowstorm in the history of New York?!?! I seen
    bigger Blizzards at DAIRY QUEEN!!!”

  4. iLnjQ says:

    Characters were off, especially Pete Carroll. First SNL video I watched in
    years and their still lacking. As always, MAD tv > SNL.

  5. GG Babe says:

    Shout out to skittles, they are the best brand that would colour ur tongue!

  6. Blackbirdrebellion2937 says:

    Jay Phareoh is one of the only funny people left on snl 

  7. Connie Marie Taylor says:

    Ya, all the characterization a little over the top, but hey that’s what
    characterization is. #GoHawks 

  8. leemandela19 says:

    They only been fans since 2013 lol

  9. Damon Reaves says:

    SNL brings the Seahawks duo … it’s not Key & Peele though :P

  10. Kary Krismer says:

    First, not funny, as is typical with SNL. Second, do they even know who
    Pete Carol is? Third, I find it funny that people in other parts of the
    country think we are bandwagon fans just because they are now just learning
    about the Seahawks.

  11. JazzKeyboardist1 says:


  12. Firoz Khan says:

    SNL brings the Seahawks duo … it’s not Key & Peele though :P

  13. Tommy Blue says:

    why only us…why didnt you make fun of the NE and their stupid fans who
    dont speak english…

  14. Andrew G says:

    “That’s right, I’ve been a die-hard fan since the beginning…. of 2013”.
    Best line ever. And probably true for most fans OUTSIDE of Seattle. All of
    the sudden Seattle fans seem to have come out of hiding or something where
    I live.

  15. Donte Banks says:

    When he said how you doing marshawn… he should have said thanks for