Super Cafe: Batman v Superman – It’s On!

Super Cafe: Batman v Superman – It’s On!

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Super Cafe returns when the new Batman v Superman Teaser hits the internet.

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20 Responses

  1. kemuael says:

    this movie is going to suck so bad!!!

  2. silkenleather says:

    I love this so much.

  3. Pcompanie says:

    because I’m Batman!

  4. Tyrent Den says:

    I love seeing Superman as a big Star Wars fan, that is awesome. 

  5. Danyl Helfer says:

    I don’t know

  6. sgt black says:

    team batman all the way

  7. Steg Rocket says:

    I mean i dont even know the plot to the movie, and im not going to watch
    it. But if Batman can beat super man in any way without that rock thing
    then super man got nerfed in public view. Which I would be very happy about

  8. Neg Ative says:

    Bring on the tens of thousands of “Batman is better than Superman” “Nuh uh,
    Superman is better than Batman” comments
    It on (yawn)

  9. Gooseman says:

    I’m stoked for Superman VS Batman and Star wars 7!

  10. New Gen says:

    I think Im gonna eat a cookie now

  11. Graham Archer says:


  12. Thrilla Whale says:

    This really cuts at the heart of everything that seems wrong with the
    premise of this movie, at least based on the trailer.

  13. Chef Larom says:

    Super Cafe always manages to make me smile, no matter what kinda mood i’m
    in. Thanks HISHE <3

  14. Rohan Mital says:

    I liked both trailers but i prefer the BVS trailer

  15. Evil Teddy says:

    To be fair it was a poor time to release the trailer for BvS
    yes i know it was leaked.

  16. Hideous Gourd says:

    For a sec, I thought super cafe would be between two other heroes. Like
    Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter or something. That could actually work.
    If y’all need some other people for Batman v Superman… Jon Stewart GL &
    J’onn J’onn J’onz. 

  17. AJ Coleman says:

    This is their best one yet

  18. AntonNZL says:

    Batman “Do you bleed? You will.”

    and if theres anything Arnie has taught its that “If it bleeds we can kill

    So, in epicness logic, Batman has a chance of killing Superman if he makes
    good on his promise.

  19. Kevin Allen says:

    Meanwhile, a little tiny Ant-Man is crying, demanding to know why no one
    cares about his movie or even realizes it is coming out soon.

    And then Superman crushes him with his coffee cup.

  20. MultiTarded says:

    Lol “Oh absolutely, sure.”