Super Cafe – Snyder Cut

Super Cafe – Snyder Cut

Batman and Superman react to Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
#JusticeLeague #SnyderCut #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

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40 Responses

  1. GenerationWest says:

    Back in the Cafe once again, but as Batman leaves, Superman sits with Martian Manhunter, in his hero form, discusses his day with Clark, because he’s still in Ma Kent mode.

  2. Rafael Geraldo says:

    Bats: “How does Lex know my name?”

    Bats when meeting Lex’ secretary, probably: “Hey. I’m Batman. Wanna know my secret identity?”

    • Ashish Kalam says:

      Lex clearly knew in BvS and So did Clark

    • Ashish Kalam says:

      @Sean Mercy can come back a Robot like in Young Justice

    • Cory Pchajek says:

      Max Landis actually has a terrific version of Batman where he actually starts getting mentally discombobulated and the MULTIPLE other personalities inside his messed up psyche start kind of blending into each other. It’s some really cool stuff.

    • Greg Goodenough says:

      @Tyler Ponsey Yep. I wonder if any of the “reviewers” actually watched BvS carefully. One the most underrated movies. Tho it’s common for Zack to be misunderstood. Almost no one got the Sucker Punch either.
      It’s seems like people lost their skill to watch actually good movies that require attention and thinking to catch.

    • Greg Goodenough says:

      @Victor doesn’t need to. it wasn’t some special precise op to deanon bats. Movie shows It was a long methodical process of spying on metas and superheroes in general. You can clearly see Lex dug up pretty much info on Sups, WW, Flash, Cyborg etc.
      In his idea no power above can be benevolent so he keeps his eye on the problem from the start.

      How long ago did you watch BvS? I watched extended cut right before Snyder JL, and was shocked how good the movie actually is and how clearly hate towards it is unjustified and comes from purely from the lack of attention.

      Try it one more time, but watch it thoroughly as a serious complex movie it is, not like marvel-style popcorn superhero blockbuster. Zack’s superhero movies are different genre from Joss/Marvel superhero movies.

  3. Brook Ronca says:

    HISHE Batman called Superman “Kal” and now I know he’s super serious

  4. Task Force says:

    Now I am hoping to see Darkseid, Steppenwolf, Restored Joker, Deathstroke, DeSaad in the villain pub

  5. Israel Dosal says:

    I was not expecting a Snyder Cut HISHE this soon, though technically this isn’t really a HISHE, more like a Super Cafe short. But overall, I love it all the same!

    • Roderick Hickey says:

      For the Snyder cut it’s not so much how it should’ve ended as when it should’ve ended. That thing was slow. Had to watch it over two nights.

  6. SomebodyElse says:

    This channel should just be called: BEST PARODY CHANNEL YOU CANT BEAT IT

  7. Dave Sundstrom says:

    The prophecies cannot be ignored!

  8. Daemon Blackfyre says:

    Justice League: “Come outside Darkseid. Aint nobody gonna jump you.”
    Darkseid: 🙄

  9. raydunakin says:

    Flash won’t be in any of the sequels, Adobe cancelled him.

  10. LEAA113 says:

    *”Not these kind of dreams! These are BAT dreams”* 😂😂🤣🤣

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