Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update – Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update – Nintendo Switch

The Super Mario Maker 2 game allows you to unleash your creativity with more new options and the ability to create your own world map. A free update to Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch system adds a new World Maker mode, as well as a host of new content and features on April 22.

In World Maker mode, multiple courses created by a user can be tied together on a path from the starting point on a world map to the end castle. The look of the world map can also be customized. Up to eight worlds containing a total of up to 40 courses can be combined, creating a mini Super Mario game that can be shared* with others.

In addition to World Maker, guess who else is making an appearance in Super Mario Maker 2? The Koopalings! All seven of these troublemakers, each with his or her own movement pattern, can be added to user-created courses. Other enemies added to the game include the key-chasing Phanto and the wind-up Mechakoopas.

Additional power-ups and course parts are also coming to Super Mario Maker 2 as part of the free update. This includes the SMB2 Mushroom, which transforms Mario and friends into their look from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game and allows them to pick up and throw items and enemies – just like in that classic game! With the Frog Suit from the Super Mario Bros. 3 game, Mario can swim through water with ease, and even run across its surface! Other power-ups added to the game are the Power Balloon first introduced in the Super Mario World game, the Super Acorn from the New Super Mario Bros. U game and the Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D World. There are also five variations for wearables like the Cannon Box and Propeller Box from the Super Mario 3D World game.

All of this and more can be experienced by downloading the free update on April 22. For more information about Super Mario Maker 2, visit

*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

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81 Responses

  1. Miner Jay says:

    This does put a smile on my face.

  2. BatmanFan 76 Channel 2 says:

    2015: We Made People Make Their Own Level In Mario.
    2020: Let’s Just Make People Make Their Own Mario Video Game, If They Know The Franchise So Well.

  3. Gaming With Noah says:

    Little Timmies: *every koopaling placed in a row that you can just go over*

  4. Dylan time says:

    Imagine how many troll levels there will be

  5. Triple Flips says:

    If you look in the bottom left at 4:01 when it shows the title screen, you can see Mario dancing!

  6. Cgamerpro 1 says:

    2015: We are getting so tired of making Mario levels. Lets let the community make them.


  7. Basic Gaming says:

    8 WORLDS. 40 COURSES. We’re LITERALLY just making our own Mario games LOL.

  8. CommercialChaSe says:

    Can’t wait for the Pit of Panga levels and the Pit of Panga world map

  9. Mr. Bananas41 says:

    2:22 wait on/off blocks in the 3D world style

  10. MarioPlays ROBLOX and more says:

    When you go in a boss battle with Bowser and a blue Mechakoopa…

  11. Ruairi O'Murchu says:

    This must be part of The 35th year of Super Mario

  12. Joe the bo 04 says:

    The only thing left is to fix online and have forced tags so that levels can only be played in the way the creator decided. This way online levels can’t have broken stuff and single player levels won’t have multiplayer levels

  13. Aidan Fraser says:

    Me after seeing the koopalings: I’ve seen enough. I’m satisfied.

  14. Green Pomeranian says:

    Anyone have any theories about the Ninjis seen in the lava world? Also, there is on off blocks in 3D world now.

  15. Robert the Rex says:

    2018: super mario maker needs slopes
    2019: *screams in hype*
    2020: all my dreams have come true

  16. Blu3 Flame says:

    Therapist : star power-up with mushroom head does not exist he cant hurt you.

    *Star power-up with mushroom head:* 3:35

  17. TheFantasticJoe says:

    Fans: Hey Nintendo, can we have–
    Nintendo: Yes.

  18. SuperMVP Bros says:

    When 8 year olds see the koopalings:

    “I’m just gonna spam them no one will care”

  19. starforcenetwork says:

    Ah finally, we can play as the best Mario game ever:


  20. Theo Crafton says:

    After this ended I ran around the house screaming with joy

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