Super Mario Odyssey – Game Trailer – Nintendo E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey – Game Trailer – Nintendo E3 2017

Join Mario on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure! Use his incredible new abilities to collect Moons that power up your airship- the Odyssey, and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans! Super Mario Odyssey launches to Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

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20 Responses

  1. lewis murphy says:

    Who else is here before this gets to 1 million views?

  2. Gonzalo Carrasco Marqués says:

    2:06 can u be Donald trump? xD

  3. Marcell Fürst says:

    just scrolling through the comments, waiting for a microsoft/sony fan complaining that one piece of grass is wrong, therefore calling it trash

  4. Carlos Rafael Jacome Lara says:

    now Mario can transform in Donald Trump

  5. FUgameCrue says:

    I already thought this game was amazing before this trailer. You’ve really went above and beyond here Nintendo

  6. Dave Wilson says:

    since when did mario had the ability to transform into animals and FREAKING HUMANS

  7. cosicanbruh says:

    *says 1 on trending but is actually 2*

  8. DCfnafTheGreatAndPowerful Blank says:

    If you think this is going to suck, I don’t know what to say to you. Look at the creativity and the beauty coming from this,

  9. Helel Bright says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH, it’s the original Donkey Kong theme :’D

  10. LuffayDWeeb says:

    Hi, if you are reading this, every like you give is a dollar that goes towards my training to become a whale. I have already cut both my arms off and can hold my breath for a sum of 11 minutes. My goal is to infiltrate Sea World. Thank you.

  11. A E S T H E T I C says:

    1:59 Sonic colors level ripoff. Carbon copy of planet wisp!

  12. Evan Cheung says:

    Mario’s face in the thumbnail looks like this would be a YTP.

  13. kyle williams says:

    #1 Trending!!

  14. Skylar Bisel says:

    Hat simulator 2017 looks great!

  15. mrm64 says:

    This is so lit. Can this be a game where we just see good cameos too. I think Pauline is there, I’ve GOT to see Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Toadette or even Rosalina, I’ve GOT to.

  16. LuckyNova says:

    at first when I saw this (the live ver.) I thought it was some monster hunter game. boy was I wrong. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN

  17. Nick Buis says:

    Watch out BOTW 10/27/17 is near!

  18. Christopher Lopez says:

    paulines at the very end of the trailer

  19. Nathaniel Barnes says:

    I definitely want this, even if it’s not Super Mario Galaxy 3.

  20. Logan Galaxy says:

    0:13 if you pay cloase atention the T-rex is fake

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