super powers

super powers

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hi guys new video. this video is about super powers. a while ago i asked you on my community page if you had a super power what would it be
and this is some of the asnwers. there are a lot of good and creative super powers in the comments, and i sadly only covered like 4.
i want to do more of this, im thinking i could cover more of the comments in like a tier list kind of thing? maybe?
i’ll let you know.
spiderman has nothing on these super powers. spiderman can jump. cool. try literally flying.
best super power you could ask for. actually there was a shape shifting power that i saw i liked a lot.
and if you shape shift you can just fly by being a bird. kind of op tbh.
well anyway, idk if you can tell i did some special saucy things in this video that will allow me to animate faster.
i will tell you what i did in a later video. i hope you guys like the way it looks.

thank you for watching as always ❤️

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40 Responses

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich says:

    literally subscribe

  2. Mr Chicken6568 says:

    Super powers are superpowers.

  3. TJ Toons says:

    Wow what a coincidence, ever since my brother spontaneously ripped my hair against my will I too have found a reason to use KEEPS, thank you Andy

  4. Poshel nu hoy says:

    I feel like the ability to shapeshift is underrated, because assuming that it’s literally chemically changing your body’s composition, you can technically become a superhuman in every other way – you can genetically shift yourself to gain muscle mass differently, to be faster, I have a very loose concept of dna, learn quicker, the sky’s the limit. It’s only limited by your creativity (and possibly by your energy and available resources around to shift with, if you wanna be lame and technical like a big ol lame-o)

    • Noah, the ark is sinking. says:

      Finally someone gets it,also you could alter your brain,male or so you collect information easier,you could forget things(you’d probably have to make it so you’d be able t9 have complete controlll over your body and brain by changing how your brain works which could be dangerous but anyway)you could literally make your self have super powers/super power-like abilities by again changing how your brain works and unlocking it many hidden secrets.(which could again be dangerous)

    • the1truepickaxe says:

      Plus you can be a girl

    • Mr. Context says:

      I could be like Jake from Adventure Time, think how cool that would be

    • MFG says:

      I always instinctively choose flying until I realize that this power exists. It could also even mean voluntary immortality as you *could* reconstruct yourself if even a single atom of your body remains.

  5. RoomieOfficial says:

    Always hilarious. Love your stuff man

  6. Shmooters says:

    I’d take the power to control momentum. If it works how I think it does not only would you be able to control the speed at which some things move, you would ideally also be able to control things like the temperature of objects by speeding up or slowing down their atoms which just sounds very convenient.

  7. Feykro says:

    shapeshifting because it’s incredibly versatile. It can also do what plenty of other powers can. Flight? Shapeshift into a bird. Clone? Just shapeshift a copy of yourself with some little cord thing attached since it’s still has to be connected to you. Creating weapons? Sword arm. So many other things you could do too.

  8. Anthony Del toros says:

    Honestly op but ultimately most useful power would just literally be the power of imagination. by that i mean anything you can think of into reality. most people would mostly call it god powers. but idk i think the power of imagination’s strength would be based on how creative a person is. It’s not like wishing, you have to like… imagine it into reality.

  9. Kūpaʻa says:

    For your consideration:
    – Power of the Earth: you can move, shape, break, combine, etc any piece of Earth, but considering making large scale structures right from solid ground might have some devastating consequences (i.e. sinkholes, landslides, fissures, earthquakes, eruptions, etc.) you choose to pull the spiritual energy from the Earth instead, allowing increased physical strength, stamina and invulnerability (think Luisa Madrigal) so long as you’re touching the ground
    – Wings of Light: you are able to manifest holographic angelic wings made of gold light that not only allows flight, but also can be used to create defensive shell around you, used to send strong blasts of wind in nearly any direction, and even be able to heal the injuries of others. The size, style, brightness and/or color depends on the soul of the user
    – Duality duplication: you can split your body & very soul into 2 different beings (think the Tiger Talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures, but instead of good/evil, its the opposite energies within like actual Yin & Yang)

  10. Lantern_Light says:

    Shapeshifting is just. The ultimate power. It’s basically having all of the powers at once.. flight? Done. Clones? Done. Creating weapons? Done. The ability to bear with you? No.

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