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  1. GameXplain says:

    Want more? Watch our 1 HOUR discussion here!

  2. The Ebe says:

    Guys it looks like they’re looking at the smash ball, not the inklings

  3. Mimi Fish says:

    Bring ice climbers and snake back

  4. Alex_Who says:

    Isnt the “Pokemon trainer” botw Zelda?

  5. Sylvie The Sylveon says:

    I feel like the character they think is Pokemon Trainer is BOTW Zelda. She’s not that tall, the bit poking off her body could be the Sheikah Slate and the bit poking out on the other side could be her long hair. Also, it’s not very noticeable but all the characters have very very slight colour tints. BOTW Zelda wears blue clothes, right? And there appears to be a very blue colour tint on her shirt. I firmly believe this is BOTW Zelda and I really hope it is cause she’s awesome! xD

  6. Tracy Martell says:

    I thought that sheik was next to Samus on the left

    • NV Comics says:

      Tracy Martell its definitely sheik or possibly little mac in a boxing stance also its shulk in between samus and browser

    • Medachod says:

      Sheik would be dope. I hope she’s in her Ocarina of Time theme since there’s no BotW Sheik and it’d be harder for her to resemble that.

  7. ProEaster says:

    2:05 I see either ice-climbers or Captain Toad and Toadette

  8. PokeSmashMinecrafterLion says:

    Shulk next to samus

  9. PokeSmashMinecrafterLion says:

    The two ones could be ness and Lucas or maybe ice climbers???

  10. damien breitsprecher says:

    I really want Daisy in smash. She deserves some love. Plus I’d rather have her than Bowser Jr.

  11. The Black Talon says:

    ~2:17 Here’s a random thought, it looks like those are two characters to me, They both have a round-ish head shape and are wearing what looks like head lamps… Could they be Captain toad and toadette?

  12. Lol Lolazo says:

    I think that the figure between link and samus will be Tornadus, Thundurus or Landurus
    Sorry for me English I don`t speak very well

  13. Jerbaloot says:

    Next to DK is ice climber and their hammers

  14. Timothy Hilditch says:

    You guys should have looked at different shots. Here is my picks
    Also you should of numbered them so we could have actually discussed it.
    Yoshi, Link(BOTW) or Pit, DDD Or DK, Next two are Ice climbers, Olimar at the front, Marth, Mario, Link, Sheik, Pikachu in front of her(you guys didn’t even see that), Samus, Pink blob in front of Samus, Zelda, Bowser, Fox, Lucina, Kirby. With 18 in all not including the inklings.
    The Link in the middle must be classic Link because he has a sword and shield, the other shot showed him with a bow.

  15. Thoryon says:

    4:55 Looks like Metapod


  16. andrijor says:

    I think that the ones around Samus are Sheik and Zelda

  17. MrSonicthehedgehog31 says:


  18. Hayden Fontaine says:

    4:25 that is sheik

  19. I want to be a Lime says:

    In the flames there isn’t new characters hidden it’s all characters from wiiu and this was the inklings introduction video

  20. Lionheart says:

    Hopefully goku gets a chance to be in he would be my main

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