Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Battling with Sora – Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Battling with Sora – Nintendo Switch

The iconic Keyblade wielder arrives to the battlefield.

Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS will be the final Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate DLC fighter! Look forward to the release of Sora in Challenger Pack 11 on 10/18.

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43 Responses

  1. Zebra Gamer says:

    The thing I’ll miss the most is oddly enough the soft chuckling from the staff behind the camera whenever Sakurai pops a joke.

    • xKubomi says:

      @Yannatoko i bet you also dont enjoy this ratio

    • The Potted Piranha Plant says:

      Yeah. It added so much charm man.

    • Flamebro13 says:

      same :c

    • Jona7Fer says:

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  2. Chill Fuel says:

    The last character in ultimate, truly the end of an era

  3. DarkFrosty101 says:

    I have never played a kingdom hearts game before but honestly this was the most amazing smash reveal trailer I have seen omg it was beautiful I’m a banjo kazooie main and when he came out I was so bloody happy and now that this character is out I’m happy but sad that it’s over it’s truly a end to a An amazing saga a lot of memories were made and I can’t wait to play as sora from kingdom hearts

  4. Tsurgeo1992 says:

    I’ll be honest to say, but I’m kinda sad that “Simple and Clean” isn’t added to the song listing for Sora’s stage.

  5. TheMightySwooj says:

    Sakurai: “We want you to see the final smash yourself”
    Also sakurai a few minutes later:

    I mean I’m not complaining though 👀

  6. Dante says:

    That “i heard it can run on any computer” line made me so happy.

  7. Kameron Hailey-M says:

    Joker: Anime
    Sephiroth: GOD
    Sora: “I have the power of God AND Anime on my side!”

  8. Nabbit Go home says:

    30:38 Sakurai: “I hope Cloud uses his Omni Ver.5 against him”
    Cloud:I Got chu Fam.

  9. Heyoyo10 Gaming says:

    “Ok, I’m gonna get work done over the holidays-”
    “Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Switch”
    “Once you enter Kingdom Hearts, the last thing you’ll get is your life back.”

  10. chokey chokey says:

    i think sora represents how far this series has come. like, we have a disney character in this game, this is absurd. i would have chosen another character? yes, but none of my dream characters would end this journey in such an epic way than sora. thank you sakurai, and the smash development team.

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