Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Min Min”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Min Min”

Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at the new fighter Min Min from ARMS. Purchase the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 to obtain Min Min immediately following release on June 29!

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78 Responses

  1. Novus Grimnir says:

    Sakurai’s home looks really nice. I hope he’s taking care of himself.

  2. Sheenpai LovesU says:

    The Social Distance character.

  3. But it was me DIO! - says:

    I like how he hides everything then quickly puts it away

  4. Lance Clemings says:

    Normal people: Don’t even wear pants when working at home.
    The humble god himself: Dresses business casual even in his own home, which is so clean, spilled food will magically bounce back into the dish, which too is now a clean dish for touching the blessed food.

  5. Justin Parker says:

    Sakurai just did that house flex and I’m so jealous

  6. DriveByWire says:

    Sakurai-san is an absolute treasure to the gaming industry.

  7. Aldo Vesper says:

    I love how Sakurai just inserts Kirby into stuff randomly. Some people might see it as arrogance, but I honestly find it endearing how much Sakurai loves his creation.

    • LordNul1 says:

      It’s his little boy and one of the first games he made, of course he loves Kirby.

    • Quinn Lozinski says:

      I mean, if I had created so popular I’d like to show it off a little too

    • F. Silver says:

      Who finds it arrogant?

    • Chillava says:

      Randomly? Is there any other Ultimate trailer that has Kirby in it like this? I don’t think he’s gotten special treatment 🙂

    • LordNul1 says:

      @Chillava three words: World of Light.

      Also, Smash itself gets mentioned directly in Kid Icarus Uprising’s tutorial, with Pit saying he mains Kirby while Palutena says she mains Mario.

      Edit: fixed typo.

  8. Oliver Lindsley says:

    It’s just great to hear him talk about stuff. He could talk about his home setup for an hour and I’d be happy.

  9. Fahaiven says:

    And just to imagine that Toby Fox himself beat Masahiro Sakurai inside this house :/

  10. Tim Peterson says:

    I don’t care what franchise the character is from, as long as the character design is unique and fun. Min Min definitely looks unique and fun, good job!

    • Santiago Ramirez says:

      Yess!! I love how each new character is unique and different from another and each has its own gimmick.

    • jay quickblade says:

      Personally my favourite part is that the fighter for arms is someone who isn’t trying for it and is just doing her job until it’s done

    • Bruno Gaxiola González says:

      Sakurai said so previously

    • Kermit Rosè says:

      See why isnt everyone like these replies? No complaints, no insults. Accepting any newcomer no matter who it may be.

  11. Pigmcginnyrig says:

    I like how Springman starts off with the envelope, but then they’re like “nope, you’re still an assist trophy lol.”

  12. Maxwell Shapiro says:

    The most unrealistic part of that trailer was the stadium full of people

  13. Tsyuna Desu says:

    She looks fun to use I never played arms but definitely gunna buy this character

    • Kenny Graham says:

      if you ever get the chance to try it out, you should (especially if you have someone to play local against) . It is really great! However, if you never do, almost the entirety of the best thing about ARMS is now in smash ….the soundtrack. Sky Arena especially.

  14. Mark W says:

    Thank God that a fan rule: SPIRITS de-confirmation has been DEBUNKED.

    • Vincent Circharo says:

      idk why people ever thought that. there are spirits of all the already existing fighters, so why wouldnt spirits be able to be fighters?

    • LordNul1 says:

      To both Miguel Garcia and Ceph, right now, almost anything is possible, as only two requirements he himself stated ate “mudt originate from a game” and the age limitation (see: Mai), and there is the pattern of assist trophies having to wait until the next game to get promoted to playable (see: Little Mac from Brawl to Smash 4 and Dark Samus from Smash 4 to Ultimate) to factor in.

    • Mr. JH says:

      Miguel Garcia It’s possible, when Sakurai revealed the Rex costume he stated that Rex wasn’t in the roster since the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out after production of Smash had had started. This was also the same presentation where the first fighters pass was announced, and a month before Joker was announced as the first entry. Basically this means unless both passes were finalized before the first was even announced there should be a decently chance for Rex to make it since the issue that kept him out would no longer apply.

    • Liam da Lemon! says:

      if only spring man was the fighter. then the “already an assist trophy” thing could have been debunked as well… you know is it too much to ask that he could have had one of the 50/50 alternate costumes or something? well on the bright side we also have a “can’t be added before the main character/icon boi” so… I guess that’s something. I guess we could have bow kid in smash bros without hat kid? … this opens some limited possibilities…

    • idiotshow325 says:

      That rule was always weird to me. There are spirits of Donkey Kong and Link in the game that aren’t listed as fighter spirits, and they can always change one to a fighter spirit in a update if they want.

  15. Russell Bezette says:

    Coming from Sakurai, “Oh no, I KO’d kirby.” has the same energy as “Oh no, I killed my son.”

  16. 19 martincito says:

    Either way, this reveal made smash history.

  17. Alejandro Alvarez says:

    He is so humble, bless him.

  18. Kylton KIM [07C16M] says:

    Sakurai: Hmmm Level 8 CPU they’re pretty tough
    Also Sakurai: Taken 0 damage

    • LordNul1 says:

      Sakurai is a literal god as far as Smash is concerned. However, the best can still admit how hard something is.

    • Killua Zoldycc says:

      @LordNul1 keep in mind Toby Fox beat Sakurai in Smash at his house.

    • LordNul1 says:

      @Killua Zoldycccounterpoint: a god tier player can still be a good sport about it when he does lose. You do realize that right?

    • Liam da Lemon! says:


  19. poketdoom says:

    30% of the trailer was just captain falcon eating ramen

  20. •Aurum•Ludum• says:

    I remember hearing people disappointed for the character to be an ARMS character, but look at this like/dislike ratio compared to Byleth’s reveal. Happy to see the character getting the love she deserves!

    • Naoko Marie says:

      Smash fans get mad at everything ngl

    • Kenny Graham says:

      Yeh, I don’t see how anyone who actually played arms wouldnt want an ARMS character to make it. The fact that it brings the ARMS soundtrack into smash is justification enough for a roster slot.

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