Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Pyra/Mythra”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Pyra/Mythra”

The power of the Aegis arrives to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster on March 4th with the addition of Pyra/Mythra.

Check out the in-depth look at the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter with Director Masahiro Sakurai!

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94 Responses

  1. RTGame says:

    Sakurai confirmed to be a Pyra man

  2. majorjay18 says:

    Kirby been in the game forever and TODAY is when I learn his swallow attacks do more damage than the original attacks.

  3. Indezjree 239 says:

    I feel bad for Sakurai. I’d gladly be his roommate and laugh at his jokes

    • Fernando Star says:

      @Energytainment Alright internet stranger, you’re going to have to explain to me what else you want. Most games out there are guns or swords. The only games I can think of that can be added to smash that have hand to hand combat styles are mortal kombat and tekken.
      even my weird choices have a stick for a weapon.
      Sly Cooper
      oh, Jack from Jack and Dexter can be a hand to hand fighter with guns as side specials.
      I mean its hard for me to think of characters without swords. My list is longer than this and they all have a stick to fight with.

    • xB3llax says:

      @Energytainment It’s HIS game. If you were the director of SSBU, you would add the characters YOU would want. It’s HIS choice anyway.

    • Edgeperor says:

      @Party isn’t Sakurai a ROB main?

    • Mad Weegee says:

      Sakurai seems like a great guy

    • prantis 763 says:


  4. sialiasialis says:

    “Only two more opportunities to bring you videos like this” Why did this hurt me so deeply

    • Toren14 says:

      i know, i want to cry

    • Christian Guest says:

      There was space in the code for the game for five fighter passes way back in the early moding for the game. I don’t know if they’re all going to be 56 or anything but there might be two more fighters pass with like two or three characters that are released in the span of like a year or two apart

    • Mario87456 says:

      Sakurai BETTER give us a Fighter’s pas 3 if he doesn’t I will be PISSED because man Pyra and Myrtha were such TERRIBLE choices NOBODY wanted them.

    • Twizms says:

      @Yoshi Kawaii Or just alternate skins. I wouldn’t complain about that either

    • Yoshi Kawaii says:

      @Mario87456 Mmm yeah, “nobody”, you must be a part of the small bunch of cringe and toxic people who said Sephiroth was just another “anime swordfighter” aren’t you?

  5. RC says:

    The interesting part of the whole segment was telling everyone where he hides his upcoming selected characters. Someone is about to break in 😂

    • Bandrik says:

      @pooper dooper I’m more interested in what he thinks about all the desire to see Geno added. Or any other particular character with mass appeal.

    • DominicN64 says:

      @Miguel Ayala From what I remember he does not fully have the power to say no. From what I remember Steve was a character he did not want to work on for Smash but he did it because Nintendo forced him to. Or so the way he said it sounded like he hinted at how it went down.

    • Victor Luigi says:

      Guess we better hire some red and blue frenchmen to sneak in

    • Webberjo says:

      He could keep red herrings in there too, like Geno.

    • Mustache D. Luffy says:

      @pooper dooper You realize that he said that he has already decided all of the DLC characters by the time the game launched right?

  6. Julian Lee says:

    Straight up, Sakurai could just drop videos of him talking about his day and I’d watch

    • The Illusionist says:

      Anyone remember a few days ago when Sakurai posted a 13 second video of him feeding his cat in response to the 3DS anniversary celebration pic, and ratiod himself in about 15 minutes? I think we’d all love to see/hear more about Sakurai’s personal life, but I also understand him wanting to keep to himself.

    • Carlos Polk says:

      @Aduro Tri I know lol I’ve owned a lot of cats when I was a kid lol

    • Kirb Kirb says:

      Sakurai podcast

    • KromedScorpion345 says:

      Who wouldn’t tbh. I’d die for Sakurai.

  7. Tuco Imposter says:

    8:55 “Gives them a villainous look.”

    Is literally just Ryuko.

  8. Jx says:

    “I keep unreleased fighters in a locked drawer”

    Breaking-and-entering crimes are gonna skyrocket in Japan

  9. Skyblade 743 says:

    42 minutes of Sakurai explaining why his waifu is better than yours.

  10. 『Mango Tango』 says:

    Twitter: “wHo AsKeD!?!?”
    Sakurai: *”I did.”*

    • Hunter King says:

      techinally alot of xenoblade 2 fans asked for this. even me.. lol twitter sucks

    • Victor Luigi says:

      @Hunter King yeah, y’all got what ‘ya wanted, and that’s what makes smash good.

      i have a pick that i hope to get in, do you know?

    • Merc says:

      @Hunter King people claim nobody wanted this for literally every fighter. People that kick and scream cause their pick didnt make it arent worth arguing with

    • Taker369 says:

      @Fox Chandler antagonist among us 😏

    • The void of voids says:

      @Victor Luigi Not to be dumb, but is that a reference to Hayden in Doom 2016?

  11. polnareff turtle says:

    “I’ll spam if I have to” – literally every online player

  12. Kirby Riding Yoshi says:

    “I actually hide figures of unreleased fighters in my drawer” people are going to raid his office to find out the last dlc fighters now aren’t they?

  13. quehay45 says:

    Sakurai Presents that take place in his home, feel more intimate and comfier than the usual Smash videos. It’s like a close friend inviting you over to his house, so that he can show you some personal life project he’s been working on just for fun. Doesn’t feel like he’s promoting nor trying to sell you a corporate product.

  14. Hantor05 says:

    “No one here to laugh at my joke.”
    Everyone laughed at that

  15. moshpitfuneral says:

    Damn he really just said “did you hear something?” after Rex spoke

  16. Thijmen says:

    I could just feel the sadness when he said:
    “No one here can laugh at my jokes”

    • Captainpep says:

      @Cruss Teasock and many people were happy with pyras inclusion so stop acting like a spoiled brat

    • Cruss Teasock says:

      @Captainpep n many people weren’t. Cant please em all

    • Captainpep says:

      @Cruss Teasock exactly. I didn’t necessarily care for them since I have no attachment, but I’m more than happy to have them in the game. I don’t care who gets in as long as they’re fun

    • Unlimited Everything says:

      @Cruss Teasock even if your fighter didn’t get in don’t be a sore loser about it, that’s just pitiful

    • I'm a fuckin rock. says:

      @Cruss Teasock Cry more, salty fanboy.

  17. Knosat says:

    “Nobody to laugh at my jokes” Then he paused because he knew you’d laugh.

  18. glitchy{ }potat says:

    Sakurai: *”So, who do you fancy? Pyra or Mythra?”*
    Me: *”Um, Sakurai…”*

  19. Creeper Guy6977 says:

    “There are no staff around. There is no one to laugh at my jokes”
    dont worry sakurai, we’ll laugh at your jokes

  20. MK8 Master! says:

    He just openly admitted that he keeps figures of the unreleased fighters inside a locked drawer in his office. What if someone breaks into it? They’ll be able to tell the world what the remaining fighters are before we are all supposed to know.

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