Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Reveal Trailer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Reveal Trailer

Sora from Kingdom Hearts makes his way as the final character to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Check out the reveal trailer here!


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34 Responses

  1. Ethan Walker says:

    Knowing Nomura, this is probably cannon to kingdom hearts.

    • Melvin Genao says:


    • MillennialFriend says:

      @jesus salgado uhhhhhh noooo Kirby swallows sora and will have Kirby hair!!!!!

    • BJ Tan says:

      of course it is. from my understanding of kingdom hearts, its universe is more like the multiverse of superhero stories like DC and Marvel with difference branching worlds, so Smash Bros is just another dimension in Sora’s timeless journey

    • eric shun says:

      This is his KH1 design so I’d assume he’s a digital copy made by Yinsid like in some of the games you play in

    • VSiFer says:

      @Weeb Streams Ch.伝説のオタク Only the clothing. The face and hair will still be the same. The only exception is the Timeless River version.

  2. Scenic Fights says:

    For a single moment, I was like is Mario walking towards a bonfire? Praise the sun.

  3. Nover says:

    I really hope I wasn’t the only one that cried when I heard the sound of the keyblade and the intro to simple and clean.

  4. Queued4 says:

    So this is what happened to Sora after he essentially killed himself, like, twice

    • GoodGuy Guan says:

      @Ayonix Animations Yeah so whenever he turned himself into a heartless in KH1 to free kairis heart you know? Unless you didn’t actually play the game and just recognize it from later titles. But he’ll probably have an alt costume for his other duds

    • Jaime Z. says:

      Really aiming for that Ash Ketchum Self Body Count.

    • Ayonix Animations says:

      @GoodGuy Guan ‘HIS OTHER DUDS’ I’M DYING LOL. High-key I hope the alt ‘outfits’ are Roxas, Ventus (Maybe even Vanitas), Rage form, and maybe some of his alternate forms like limit or master, etc.

    • Matias Aaron Martines Estrada says:

      @Crow Lum OMG MAYBE xD

    • Midnight Rose says:

      @Ayonix Animations Data Sora from Coded/Re:Coded.

  5. Esteban Guzman says:

    Dark Souls fans be like: “they had us on the first half, not gonna lie”

  6. NiGHTSChao689 says:

    I feel bad for everyone who thought this was going to be Dark Souls.

    • In The Basement says:

      Kh fans knew this was coming 😂

      Weve wanted this for soooo fuckingggg longgg

    • OffAndSphere says:

      @In The Basement “final fighter will be obscure; steve, sans, and sephiroth were the big reveals”

      yeah right i have not touched a single kingdom hearts game in my life and even i know kingdom hearts has original characters aka sora mixed in with disney characters

  7. Doctah Wahwee says:

    I laughed so much at the “Is Finally Here!” cuz they know they took a looooooooong time to add him lol

    • Swenko’s Half says:

      Ikr?? THEY KNEW! And Sora’s little laugh and smile at the audience like “Yeah that’s right, I’m here!” Lmaooo

  8. Mikman360 says:

    Sora’s invite was a burning keyblade thrown to him by Mario himself. Epic.

  9. Rogelio Ramos says:

    The music, the entrance, the inocent laugh, this is the perfect introduction to sora

  10. CoffeeLemon says:

    I like that this trailer ends with no big attack, no one getting hit. It’s just all the charcters welcoming the new face. It’s a good ending.

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