Super Tuesday | Bernie Sanders Wins Three Of Four Toss-Up States

Super Tuesday | Bernie Sanders Wins Three Of Four Toss-Up States

Bernie Sanders did everything he needed to do on Super Tuesday, and maybe a little more. He won Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota, and lost Massachusetts. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (ThinkTank), and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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18 Responses

  1. Joost h says:

    even though i would like bernie to win; it is not very likely and i think
    we have to give hillary the support and respect she deserves.

  2. Ainsworth Grant says:

    Let’s go Hillary!!!!!

  3. Ghostwalker2061 says:

    Though my state went to Hillary, I and many others voted for Bernie. And I
    got one Missourian ready to vote Bernie too.

  4. grmpf says:

    I have a feeling that he’s unfortunately not gonna win the nomination. But
    even though my gut feeling has been really spot-on for the last two
    elections, it has been off during this election lead-up at least twice
    already, so… (It has been right on Trump *not* being a flash in the pan

  5. rastamasta91 says:

    Cenk is being overly optimistic. Is it possible that Bernie can win? Sure.
    But he’s going to have to start dramatically improving his win tallies. He
    has to start crushing Hillary in the states he can win in order to make up
    for the delegate deficits he has already accumulated. Cenk thinks that
    people are suddenly going to start switching to Bernie… color me
    skeptical.. sorry.

  6. Rei W. says:

    He did not win 3 out of 4 toss up states. 538 predicted that Sanders would
    get 3 other states aside from Vermont.

    How are you different tahn the super biased mainstream media, TYT?

  7. Bro Bec says:

    Us Minnesotans said “We feel the Bern!”

  8. Michael Dunson says:

    TYT get your heads out of Bernie butt. Are you all on crack.

  9. dave lyons says:

    Occupy always knew.

  10. Temp Temp says:

    I’m British, how do I donate to Bernie sanders?

  11. MorningGlo2000 says:

    Partisan mainstream media is an epic failure at journalism. Surprised!!!
    That’s why Sanders isn’t well known throughout the country.They can’t smear
    his name, so what do they do, they just mention Hillary as if she is
    running solo. If only Sanders had a reality show prior to the campaign
    trail. But wait, he doesn’t sell out. I just wish that Hillary supporters
    would take 5 minutes to look at how wishy washy her politics are and ask
    themselves, if she is the one that stood up against Wall Street, and told
    them to “cut it out” then her transcripts would be testament of her claims.
    Americans need to give a damn, and not vote based on popularity. Our
    forefathers would be questioning their efforts if they saw how this has
    played out, we are in the same boat as when our ancestors fled Europe. I’m
    a proud American, and that’s why I informed myself before I declared my
    candidate. Which if people bothered at all would see that the antibiotic
    that this sick nation needs is none other than Bernie

  12. aresmars2003 says:

    Minnesota!!!! 61.6% Bernie! (Trump 21.2%, haha!)
    Colorado 58.9% Bernie!

  13. rjdc1991 says:

    Can’t wait to vote for Bernie in New York!!!!!!!!

  14. Stephen Anthony says:

    Bernie also has the truth on his side.

  15. Dsgdrew says:

    Bernie sanders “supporters” are idiots just saying a dumbass hashtag isnt
    equal to voting for him. Hillary has actual people going and voting for her
    whilst bernie has people online saying they will.

  16. mosey records says:


  17. ok says:

    I am Africa American and I will donate 100$ to Bernie Sanders. #GoBernie

  18. Eli Kübler-Ross says:

    I hate it when sites like politico show superdelegates included into the
    elected delegate count, like if their choices are set in stone… more then
    12 of them have already switched to bernie, soon more will follow.