SUPERHERO VACATION | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, & Jimmy Tatro

SUPERHERO VACATION | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, & Jimmy Tatro



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20 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Elie says:

    Love you Rudy! Back at it with fly videos. Excellent one.

  2. Harmonizers ignite says:

    Inanna sarkis is so hot

  3. Lucy Universe says:

    Girl in danger:
    “- You have a boyfriend!!? Oh you’re fine” ?

  4. ma ra says:

    Who else noticed Mister V on the right at 3:37? loved the video,it’s genius <3 <3

  5. Eman Youssef says:

    who guessed it was gonna be robin the boyfriend ???

  6. Ainsley The Monerator says:

    I cant stop looking at Rudy’s Hairr???

  7. Alex smith says:

    3:14 Rudy balls ?❤️

  8. Hx. Williams says:

    Anwar looked way to much like Neymar in the thumbnail.

  9. Yasminouu kla says:

    Putain j’étais trop choquée de voir Yvick !!! ??

  10. Roselyn Abreu says:

    I thought her boyfriend chould be superman Becuase wonder has dated superman

  11. chikitaybella says:

    flash got rejected by Batman when he wanted a high five

  12. •HarmonyJH• says:

    People I hate:
    1. People who can’t spel
    7. People who can’t count
    3. People who ask for likes.

    Like if you agree!

  13. Miguel Rompecoños says:

    You can see innana’s nipple at 7:42

  14. The Best says:

    I FUCKING feel sorry for flash. I CAN DEFINALTLY RELATE TO HIM.

  15. Grace Dillon says:

    Te man dressed like batman was hilarious?

  16. MaddiedoesAwsome 22 says:

    Super man is better for Wonder Woman

  17. Julia Soo Lum says:

    I would have loved if she said she liked superman

  18. Mr.Bossome Awesome says:

    “You look like a soccer mom”. That had me dying

  19. Guys Dance says:

    I honestly think ” *Daddy Mikey – TwoStep Feat. Young Thug* ” …woulda been a dope ass soundtrack for this

  20. Ashmi Prasad says:

    Rudy that SHAPE OF YOU remix was sick!?
    I really wish to do a collab with you one day.
    -A Newbie Singer❤

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