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34 Responses

  1. SockStudios says:

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    hello? how are u doing
    ok , did u know? yea. now u know

  2. Nagasta Floefje says:

    Blaza’s superpower is the best one. It’s just that nobody can understand such a high intellectual being as blaza.

  3. oh no cringe says:

    Nadwe boutta rule the world with his powers because he can make the probability of people being too weak against him 100%.

  4. jay reyes says:

    I think what blaza means is that he can imagine anything into existence (edit: i didn’t expect this to be popular)

  5. Craig Bell says:

    I like the new animation style. It felt like the past videos were not this smooth. Almost like stop motion.

  6. OmegaX Gaming says:

    i love how the animation goes from basic stuff to highly detailed bruce wayne

  7. VoidConsumer says:

    Best animation so far, the art is so silly and amazing and it just seems much more Freeform and loose compared to the others and I quite like it

  8. Griff700 says:

    Blaza saying that is just genius is the greatest thing but also Nadwe’s idea is like op

  9. that troll says:

    The way it’s animated is a MASTERPIECE

  10. Freda Veluz says:

    holy crap the animating is so good better than anime give this editor an oscar

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