Supporting Actress in a Comedy: 73rd Emmys

Supporting Actress in a Comedy: 73rd Emmys

Hannah Waddingham wins the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the 73rd Emmys.

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27 Responses

  1. Reez A. Sam says:

    Could sense a genuine friendship with co-star Juno Temple:)

  2. Hazel Ileto says:

    “There’s no Rebecca without Keeley” god my tears I love them 👏🏼🏆😭

  3. Gingerrulez says:

    “Omg im givin a speech at the emmys” you just feel her raw excitement!!

    • Curtis Robinson says:

      Thanks for your post. I listened twice and heard: Omg, I’m going to get spanked at the Emmys.

      Never having seen this show, I thought her comment was some kind of inside joke.

  4. Sarah Jacobs says:

    You can tell how grateful she is and how happy she is to be there. I hope there are more Emmys in her future

  5. Carrie G says:

    So glad she won. She’s so talented and down to earth, and—superficially—I must find out what her products are because her skin looks amazing.

  6. Nikki Sutton says:

    That was the shortest episode of Ted Lasso I have ever seen but just as touching, funny, and gracious. What a class act. My heart is full.

  7. Gui Porto says:

    Best speech of the night! Hannah seems like such a luminous person. I wish her the best.

  8. Rebecca Rich says:

    I feel like she really didn’t expect this and I love that, she’s so cool

  9. GET JAXON says:

    Hannah’s energy bursts through any screen. Well deserved!

  10. Stacy's Grape Soda says:

    Hannah looking straight into Jason’s eyes saying “You’ve changed my life” and Jason getting tears in his eyes. Beautiful moment. 🥲

    • caomhan84 says:

      Yeah I liked that. You can tell that she’s truly appreciative that they gave the part to her, and that she doesn’t take her work for granted. It’s a refreshing attitude to see from an actress. Her head hasn’t gotten huge yet. And I don’t think it ever will.

    • Shippendales says:

      @caomhan84 so true I think Hannah has grown in the industry she has been working for quite a long time and is only getting mainstream now.
      Her hard work has gotten her here and its beautiful to see.
      She seems like a genuinely sweet human being.

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